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Tom’s Home Office in Raised-Panel Cherry


Home office with real mattress — the SICO EuroBed is shown being lowered.



This Cherry system has a peninsula desk with a partners view stool at the end.

Three-Wall Cherry Wrap – 20 Floors Up!


Brenda had one agreement with her husband… his side of the guest room had to be an office. She could have her guest bed on the other side of the room. This is the design a Chicago designer helped Brenda tell us how to make.

The raised panels are solid Cherry framed and accented by mitered corners. Very elegant!

The view is looking east into Denver along the 16th Street Mall from the 20th floor.


Interior lighting accents the artwork and our exclusive sloped headboard. This headboard is designed to fold automatically closed as the bed is lifted by fingertip.


The SICO Eurobed mechanism and frame could easily lift the solid Cherry panels and 14″ thick pillowtop mattress.

Billi Lee’s Home Office & Entertainment Center


Billi Lee wanted a home office in her Downtown Denver condo. And, because there were frequent guests connected to her fame as an international speaker, ( she didn’t want to give up the convenience of a guest room. So, we stored the 14” thick mattress behind a façade of door panels. Interior shelf system allowed a nightstand function for the guest, without infringing on the office theme when bed was closed.


This system is select Cherry veneers and Cherry solids. The finish is custom to reflect a sample given our finish room. The goal was to mute the natural red tones in cherry and accent a brown hue.


Billi asked if we couldn’t do a small desk and entertainment center also. The pictures here show that we manufactured some unique pieces of furniture. This was our first manufacture of curved doors! If you are a manufacturer… here is a suggestion: Make the doors first! Then make the cabinet!


White-Washed Maple Home Office in Colorado Springs


Home Office Queen Murphy Bed

Some very unique manufacturing techniques went into this Colorado Springs Murphy Bed.

The wood for this FlyingBed is Maple with a glazed white wash lacquer. The inlet for ‘return air’ was behind the closed bed. We elevated the bed and put a valance board below the bedface panel that allowed air to ‘bump’ up and over that surface and still reach the inlet grill. Aviation art will be hung inside the lowered bed. The owner flies his plane to offices in Southern Colorado each week. (nice tie in to FlyingBeds)

The mattress is from Old West Mattress company. It is a coil and memory gel combination that is 14” thick. Comfort to the max!
When the room is large enough, we love to manufacture the Peninsula Desk option. The owner opted for this work surface instead of a Bed Face Table.

Good choice.

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