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Wall Beds

Wall Beds by FlyingBeds

Wall Beds are what we do best. Since 1981, we have provided handcrafted wall beds, otherwise known as “Murphy Beds,” and the best customer service possible. With a passion for high quality and using the most durable and functional materials, our FlyingBeds are a worthwhile investment for any space in your home, vacation home, or office. Our superior quality beds offer enhanced lift capacity and enhanced safety, so you can be sure that it’s a long term investment for your home. Murphy beds offer improved functionality and a pleasing aesthetic to each and every space.

FlyingBeds is proud to offer clients from all over the country and the world with the finest quality custom beds and bed systems. Our team of skilled and experienced wall bed experts manufactures each unique murphy bed in Colorado. We like to say that we provide a new fusion of American innovation and Colorado craftsmanship.

Leading Manufacturer of Wall Beds

At FlyingBeds, we provide clients with a range of different wall beds to choose from. Our clients can be sure that whether they need a wall bed for their hotel or their home, we can hide a wall bed in any room. Our selection includes: King beds, Queen beds, TV wall beds, Table or Desk beds, Mirrored beds, Hotel beds, Sofa beds, Home Office beds, Side Fold beds, Horizontal beds, Reclaimed Wood beds, Exotic Wood wall beds, Zen wall beds, Gothic wall beds, Mission wall beds, Timbers wall beds, Barn Door wall beds, Fire Station wall beds and more.

As the premier source for luxury wall beds, we have over 35 years of experience manufacturing amazing Murphy beds that will last the test of time and wear and tear for years to come. There are both short-term and long-term benefits to making the investment of purchasing a fold-down bed for your property. A wall bed makes your room, and therefore your entire home, highly functional and more valuable. Not only is a wall bed multifunctional, they can be quite comfortable and are easy to customize according to your mattress preference. You should never have to settle for anything less, especially when it comes to your sleep.

Our luxury quality Murphy bed systems are manufactured in the United States but can be shipped worldwide. We have a wide selection of finishes available, with many of the wood options sourced locally in Colorado. Visit our Contact page to learn more about how to begin the easy process of placing an order for a top of the line wall bed at your earliest convenience. To learn more about FlyingBeds and our premier selection, please visit give us a call at 1.888.892.4645 or 303.333.3052, or email

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