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How to Plan Your Home Renovation for 2018

Wall Bed

Do you have any ideas for sprucing your home up over 2018? Flying Beds has some advice to get the inspiration flowing. Maybe you want to convert your garage into a game room, or do something new with the guest room. There are so many ways to renovate your home and add value to your house, you should consider your goals before doing so. Are you looking to add extra utility to your living space? Think about electrical rewiring and converting rooms for different usage. Do you want to increase the value of your property before you sell it on? A kitchen remodelling or the installation of an en suite might be just what your home needs. Are you trying to economize on space? Think about putting in a wall bed to really open up a bedroom, or to give an exercise room or office additional function.


Making The Most Of Your Home


These days, flexibility is a watchword when it comes to home improvement. An extendable dining table or kitchen counter with slide-out cutting boards might provide a little extra wiggle room in times of need, but to really capitalize on the potential of an extra room, you can’t do better than a wall bed. A well-made wall bed can single-handedly add additional functionality to a room in exchange for a nominal amount of space. At Flying Beds, we specialize in lovingly crafted, innovative murphy beds that maximize space, and we have a broad range of designs for all requirements.


A Wall Bed for Your Den


The advent of widely available flatscreen TVs has led to new possibilities in the field of entertainment centers. One of Flying Beds’ most requested items, the custom TV bed turns any den or TV room into a dual-purpose room. Built strong with a tubular steel frame, each bed is custom built to match the decor of your room and comprises an elegant centerpiece to your home entertainment center, with your chosen screen perfectly integrated into the bedframe. You too can revolutionize your living room or den with a custom-made wall bed.


A Wall Bed for Your Home Office


Your home office can become a guest room in under a minute with a Flying Beds wall bed. We particularly enjoy integrating a peninsula desk into the design of an office wall bed. Our beds are designed for accessibility so that they can be deployed and packed away with ease. We’re also able to include interior lighting in the vertical frame, for reading in bed and to illuminate artwork hanging within. Give your home office the unique upgrade it needs to become exceptional.


A Wall Bed for Your Exercise Room


One of the advantages of a wall bed is the floor space it opens up when not in use. Take full advantage of the versatility this permits by installing a mirrored wall bed in your spare room to create an exercise room. All of our murphy beds are engineered so that you can lift them in and out with just two fingers, even with a quarter-inch thick mirror embedded in the frame. We can’t wait to make your home even more special for you!


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