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Use a Wall Bed in Your Space

Wall Bed

Making your home more stylish and efficient is easier and more fun than ever. With Flying Beds, your home exemplifies who you are, making your best areas better. With simple changes, such as making the most of paint or using a horizontal wall bed, you make your home feel as though it came straight out of a magazine.


A Murphy Bed is Ideal for Your Home


There are a lot of styling, staging and organizing mistakes that can make your home look cramped, cheap or simply disorganized. No matter your budget or your needs, you can make the most of what you have with some savvy planning, tools and pieces.


Use a Murphy Wall Bed


Stretching your dollars and space is important, no matter how much wiggle-room you have. When you include a Murphy bed into a space, you’re creating a dual use or even multiple use area. Maybe you’ve always wanted to have an office in your home. But you currently have a room dedicated as a guest room. No matter how often you have guests, that space can be better used. You can turn that room into a space such as an office including the wall bed and you suddenly have gained a significant amount of space. A Murphy wall bed can reside in so many different areas of your home. It’s all up to you and your needs.


Don’t Make These Mistakes, Use a Wall Bed


When deciding on the layout of your home, first decide what the focal point will be. Is it in the living room? The kitchen? The den? Sketch out or visualize the floor plan. This includes everything from paint colors to where furniture is to be placed.


Make Your Home to the Next Level


It’s very easy to accidentally buy oversized furniture. Oversized, in this case, will mean anything that isn’t to scale in the space. It’s easy to want a huge couch to accommodate you, your family and guests. But if your furniture is too large, it will make the space feel cramped. So measure very carefully. It’s extremely difficult and not a particularly fun task to return furniture, so this is an important part of the process. Every room has a sense of flow. You want the eye to follow a path and have a focus and want ‘traffic’ to follow through a space.


Windows are of great importance in a space. They allow the light to filter in and make the space seem bigger and brighter than it is. Sometimes, a space can have the windows inadvertently blocked. That can be fixed by leaving at least a foot of space between furniture and windows. Install light colored curtains to allow light to filter in, while still providing privacy.


A wall bed is what your home needs for style and utility. Visit or email



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