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Murphy Bed Video Library

Reclaimed Wood Murphy Beds - Beetle Kill Pine

Murphy Bed Ready to Ship
Double SICO Eurobed in Beetle Kill Pine with natural finish. Timbers model with Drawer and Door bedface facade.

Murphy Bed made from Dead Forest in Colorado
Dead Forest in Colorado becomes Murphy Bed. Beetle Kill Pine is made into furniture hiding real bed.

Queen Murphy Bed with Table from FlyingBeds. SICO Eurobed mechanism. Frame has built in wood slat foundation to support mattress. Pine from a Colorado Forest that was killed by an ongoing plague of Pine Beetles.

Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed went to California Gold Country
Twin Murphy Bed during Factory Test. SICO Eurobed Twin with Antique Armoire Finish.

Home Office Murphy Beds

Earl and Susan’s Home Office
With FlyingBed Queen SICO FlyingBed made of Sapele, an African Mahogany. Home office featuring Peninsula Desk with full wrapping work surface.

Kay & Kevin’s Murphy Bed Home Office
Home office with two desks, a table, and a bed. SICO Eurobed Double Bed with locking bedface table has electric outlet.

Tom’s Office with SICO Eurobed Queen
FlyingBeds International in Denver, Colorado has unique home office with queen SICO Eurobed system. Real Home Office. Real Bed. Solid Cherry.

Italian Murphy Beds

Visit our sister site, for more information on Colombo907’s super compact Murphy beds made Italy.

CASTELLO Murphy Bunk Bed
Bunk Bed from Italy. Folds up into 11″ of depth. Mattresses supported by wood slat foundation.

Revolving Bookcase Murphy Bed
Spinning Bookcase rotates 180 degrees to reveal queen bed.

DOTTO Desk Murphy Bed
Desk-Bed from Italy. Sidefold Murphy Bed, Queen size.

SmartBeds by Colombo907 of Italy
A quick walk-through of several murphy bed models in operation.

JOKER Desk Murphy Bed
Folding Desk Bed for Home Office and Student.

HOUDINI Sofa Murphy Bed
Murphy Bed and automatic folding sofa. Vertical or Sidefold available. Leather Sofa with Queen Murphy Bed.

DILE Sofa & Murphy Bed -
DILE Sofa/Bed from SmartBeds - Colombo 907 of Italy
Filmed in Denver Showroom, FlyingBeds International - Denver, Colorado - June 2013

King Murphy Beds

California King Murphy Bed with Mirror Front
SICO California King Wall Bed system decked out in Black Lacquer and Mirror.

Eric’s Twin FlyingBeds become KING Murphy Bed
Two Twin Murphy Beds become King Murphy Bed.
Home office in Colorado Ski Resort. Murphy Bed has table.

King Murphy Bed in White Lacquer
King size SICO Room Maker Wall Bed

Mirrored King Murphy Bed
King size Murphy bed with pier cabinet and desk.

SICO System: Education

SICO Eurobed in Knotty Alder by FlyingBeds
Queen Murphy Bed in Pine, Colorado. Rustic Knotty Alder wood. Art placement will be added to front of bed by local artist.

Components of SICO Eurobed System
What we send you when you buy the SICO Eurobed System without any FlyingBed Furniture. We open the carton that contains a Eurobed Queen.

SICO Eurobed VS SICO Room Maker System

SICO Room Maker Murphy Bed - Factory Tour.
How a SICO Room Maker Wall Bed works. See the internal mechanism. Factory tour and manual.

Sidefold Murphy Beds

Steven’s Textured Melamine at FlyingBeds
New textured melamine from Steven’s Melamine might be an alternative to our all wood manufacture. Great eye and touch appeal. LEEDS high rating.

Sidefold Double Murphy Bed in Maple
Horizonal Folding Murphy Bed in Solid Maple. SICO Eurobed Double Sidefold Bed. Flyingbed Factory in Colorado finds solution for very small room.

Sofa Murphy Beds

Florida Sofa And Murphy Bed White Lacquer
Sofa and Queen Murphy Bed in White Lacquer. Queen SICO Eurobed System. FlyingBed sofa.

Mark’s FlyingBed Sofa & Queen Bed Murphy Bed and Sofa. FlyingBeds Dual Purpose Furniture. SICO Eurobed Queen system hides behind Retro Sofa. Memory Foam Mattress disappears.

SICO 24/ 7EuroBed for SofaBed Configuration
SICO EuroBed System in Cherry. Set up for Sofa placement. Special hidden door inside bed. LED light system, hidden nightstand…

Table Murphy Beds

Murphy Bed with Table went to Portland
Table for Craft Room on front of Murphy Bed. Cherry Queen size SICO Eurobed system from FlyingBeds

Sidefold Double Murphy Bed with Table Bedface
A double Murphy bed from FlyingBeds International, using a SICO EuroBed system to lift a 12″ thick mattress and table stored on front of closed bed.

Sue’s Queen Walnut FlyingBed has Table. Walnut Queen FlyingBed has SICO Room Maker to lift Mattress AND Box Spring. Has large Craft Table locked onto bedface panel.

Tony’s Queen Table Bed
Queen FlyingBed is going to Tony’s Place in Phoenix - Custom Design and Finish - SICO Eurobed System in FlyingBed Factory, June 2013

Television Murphy Bed

Television in Murphy Bed with Home Office Desk
Mission Themed FlyingBed with Television bedface panel. Attached Home Office Desk with lighting. Cherry system in custom finish. Queen Mattress.

Armoire Murphy Beds

Deluxe Timbers with Bun Feet
Special Tommy Bahama Finish

Murphy Bed hidden in Arkansas
SICO Eurobed with Mirror Front Shipped to Hot Springs. Fancy Armoire has Fake Mirror Doors. But Real Bed.

Black Lacquer Timbers to Germany
From FlyingBeds in Colorado, a Black Lacquer system crated and shipped to Germany. #20 sheen final coat of clear lacquer gives an oil finish.

FlyingBed with Tommy Bahama Finish
Queen SICO Eurobed with Deluxe ‘Timbers’ furniture encasement. Special Tommy Bahama finish to match other furniture in room.

Cherry Queen Murphy Bed with Bun Feet
From our ‘Timbers’ Murphy Bed Armoire Collection. Customized in Van Dyke Stain and Clear Lacquer final finish.

Unique Flying Beds

Santa Barbara FlyingBed Custom Murphy Bed going to Santa Barbara, California. Contemporary design theme in Cherry

Cliff’s Miami Resort Condo
SICO Eurobed Queen in Alder. Studio Condo on Miami River in downtown Miami.

Alder Queen Eurobed to Dallas, Texas
FlyingBed SICO Eurobed Queen System in Alder. Special Espresso finish with gloss lacquer final coat. Filmed at FlyingBeds Factory.

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