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Let an Urban Murphy Bed Optimize Space in Your Home

Urban Murphy Bed


There are a lot of ways to make your home more beautiful and comfortable than ever. With Flying Beds, you’ll be able to optimize the use of your most cherished spaces, allowing you to beautify your home, especially if you use an urban murphy bed. Making the most of your space is more important than ever.


An Urban Murphy Bed Allows Your Family to Have the Most Space

When decorating your space, consider that your home is the place where you’re able to express yourself—so don’t be afraid to go bold. Allow your home to be an extension of your personality. Go big. Add color, pattern and texture. Sometimes more is more, it’s just a matter of how everything is utilized. Make savvy choices that emulate your personality. Include art that you’ve created or love, pieces you’ve picked up throughout your travels and the books you’ve read. On that note, when you’re renovating or redecorating your home, use something inspiring, like a piece of art you love, as the inspirational origin point. Even wallpaper can inspire a room. You want to invoke an atmosphere.

Optimize Your Space with an Urban Murphy Bed

Try working from the bottom up. Start with a carpet you love and work upwards. It’s like artwork for the floor. You can even hang carpets on the walls. A bold rug that tells story adds a lot of character to any space. You can use it as a contrasting piece or a complimentary addition. Because rugs can be so expensive, you should take care of the piece if you hope for it to last a lifetime. Carpets are a good basic that work with so many spaces, so a periodic professional cleaning may be necessary.

An Urban Murphy Bed Will Make your home better than ever

Creating the home you’ve always wanted is about building a narrative. This doesn’t mean that all the pieces need to be complimentary—maybe just a few items like the coffee table and rug. When you add new items to your home, consider how they relate to other items already existing there. It’s not about matching as much as it’s about every piece playing a role.

An Urban Murphy Bed Will Allow You to Have the Luxurious Home You’ve Always Dreamt of

Use an urban murphy bed. With an urban murphy bed you’re able to open up space for other uses. An urban murphy bed is a modern way to stow your bed. An urban murphy bed can have a decorative facade, featuring a piece of art or fixture. The facade can be simple, with just two handles. Even better, your urban murphy bed can turn into a desk, a shelf, a couch—the limit is only your creativity.

See how an urban murphy bed will make your space bigger, more stylish and a conversational piece. Visit or email [email protected].



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