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Timbers style Murphy Bed Armoire

Cliff’s Queen Timbers Murphy bed is on Miami River


Cliff owns a fabulous party condo right on the downtown riverfront in Miami. He has tons of seating, along with a fully functioning bar! Our hidden SICO EuroBed queen mechanism in this beautiful Cherry enclosure changes the function of the room without sacrificing sleeping comfort. Nightstands are hidden in both vertical cabinets. Cliff’s awesome art collection is displayed on our custom-lit glass shelves.


Adrienne’s “Timbers” Murphy Bed Armoire Adds Fluting, a Base Cove and Rosettes!


Above: Cherry is our most popular wood in the manufacture of the Timbers style Armoire Murphy Bed. To date we have applied 32 different finishes. Don’t ask for a sample of each. The best bet is to send us a sample of what you desire, we will proof back to you an actual strike-off.



I repeatedly will point out to you, you are the designer. Select the features you like most in the design theme that will compliment the room the best. It is your choice of woods with stained lacquer finish that will make this piece of furniture an heirloom!

Check out our price list for a breakdown of some of our special design features.



Very Popular - Our Fancy Timbers style Armoire Murphy Bed


Because Timbers has become so popular, I can suggest that product of this model and ANY of the woods from the forest will be less in production time than an original design – even if you added pier cabinets to each side, it would not slow down that speed.

Shown above during production is the deluxe model of Timbers in Maple with a natural finish (left) and Cherry with a golden finish (right).


Photo on left: This knotty Alder system went to Bridger, Montana. Of the grades of Alder, this is the most rustic with open knot holes. The client actually surprised us with her selection of the bedface handles. This proves my premise that you can’t put too large a handle on any of our beds-this is a big piece of furniture.


We have far too many photos of Timbers style Murphy beds to post them all here. Email us and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll send you back photo examples!

Timbers style Murphy Bed Armoire Collection


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