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Premier Solid Wood Murphy Bed

At FlyingBeds, we offer solid wood murphy beds while simultaneously providing a new fusion of American innovation and Colorado craftsmanship. Our solid wood murphy beds are American made and you can be sure that they are functional, beautiful and high quality.

We make more custom solid wood murphy beds than anyone else. Our amazing team is friendly, professional and available to provide a comprehensive one-on-one consultation to help you find the right solid wood Murphy bed. Conventional beds can take up vital space; a Murphy bed helps you make the most of your home. Solid wood murphy beds are an amazing alternative to traditional beds, as they both save and create space.

FlyingBeds prides itself on being the premier provider of solid wood murphy beds. From reclaimed wood to American-grown timber, you will experience a range of options when it comes to designing your custom solid wood murphy bed. The Timbers Murphy Bed is a classic and easily customizable design; it is in fact our most popular style. This unique solid wood Murphy bed is available in any wood and any finish. Cherry and Alder are two of our most popular wood choices. To truly make your Timbers Murphy Bed a one-of-a-kind system, we recommend a unique wood, such as exotic Australian Lacewood, reclaimed Beetle Kill Pine wood, or reclaimed Wyoming Snow Fence wood.

Solid Wood Murphy Beds & More

At FlyingBeds, our showroom and factory are located in Colorado; we have the ability to ship our solid wood murphy beds almost anywhere in the world. Our skilled and experienced team of experts is dedicated to providing people with our murphy bed concept of enhanced lift capacity, quality, and safety.

When houseguests come to visit, do you tend to put them on the living room couch, or on the dreaded air mattress? Do you wish that you had a nicer option for your friends and family? A solid wood Murphy bed is a guaranteed effective way of always being prepared for guests. The beauty of a customized solid wood murphy bed is that you can dictate exactly how to best utilize your newfound space. Whether the room is an office, in which a solid wood murphy bed can be concealed with a sophisticated armoire, or the room is a game room in which the solid wood Murphy bed is hidden by a television console, the space will always be functional. A solid wood murphy bed is truly a game changer!

Since 1981, FlyingBeds has been dedicated to providing high quality, functional solid wood murphy beds to people all over the world. To learn more about FlyingBeds and our solid wood murphy beds, please visit our website or email [email protected]

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