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King Sofa Murphy Bed Resides in Maui

Sofa murphy beds have been shipped to a variety of destinations, featuring unique designs and materials.

SofaKing_Cherry_Closed_Top_700The mattress is your choice! This one is from Old West Mattress Company. It’s 15” thick! A combination of pocketed springs, high-density foam topped with gel memory foam and encased in an organic quilted cotton ticking. Luxury.


The working mechanism and frame used in this Mahogany furniture is a SICO Eurobed in design. We modified it a little to become unique to our factory. The owner of this condo in Maui designed the sofa and sent us 19 yards of fabric that fits the Hawaiian Vacation Resort perfectly.

SofaKing_Cherry_2Stack_Top_390This King Sofa Murphy Bed is a FlyingBeds exclusive. The seat cushions rotate forward to reveal great storage for additional bed linens. Back cushions are enveloped silk-nylon fiber filled.


The cold LED light systems from HERA are 6-bulb swivel fixtures. Dual purpose to suspend over the sofa, but also perfect for reading in bed!


Suzanne’s Studio in Aspen has Designer Sofa Murphy Bed

Behind the stag painting is a Queen SICO Eurobed that is accented with a maple light bridge that works for the sofa and as a reading light when the bed is lowered. Interior nightstand shelves are hidden. You don’t see the clock, tissue box and novels. Sofa design was per Suzanne’s designer who asked for down-feather filled cushions. Talk about nice!

sofa murphy beds

sofa murphy bedsThis condo, located in Aspen, demonstrates our capacity to change the function of the room and make it Dual Purpose. When entering the front door (where the above photo was taken), you wouldn’t have a clue that a queen bed is hidden in plain sight. Sofa murphy beds can integrate seamlessly into any design.


This is the frame of a sofa that does not have a back structure to support the arms. It requires a very special technique that we’ve developed.

Marlene’s Sofa Murphy Bed Is Skirtless

Sofa murphy beds can complement any interior. Marlene had a interior designer assist in the selection of the fabric. They did a pretty good job. The filling selected was feather and down with foam core. Marlene insisted no skirt be allowed on her sofa, so we put solid oak feet.

This sofa bed features a comfortable Spring Air Mattress with slat foundation interior hidden nightstand appears. Overhead cold LED 6-bulb swivel lighting fixtures for perfect bedtime reading.


Marlenes_BottomDetail_390pLowered queen murphy bed extends into room 94″ from the wall and stands 24” off the floor. Sloped headboard captures pillows when bed is stored away.

“The Lodge” Sofa Murphy Bed, New Mexico

Lodge_Large+Inset_700pOverhead lighting is perfect for bedtime reading.
Custom manufactured sofa and bed. Your choice of wood, finish and design.

Why Our Sofa Has To Be Different


There is no back rest to our sofa to support the arms. We have to make the design shape to the letter “H”. This requires lots of screws and glue! You will not be able to convince most upholstery guys to attempt this design. It is our pleasure to adapt this principle to any of the designs shown here.

Lodge_Bed_Open_390pThis bed uses a comfortable Spring Air Mattress with slat foundation. When opened, an interior hidden nightstand appears.


Marc’s Retro Queen Sofa Murphy Bed System

MarksRetro_Birch_Queen_700pMark requested this system be made of Russian Baltic Birch with the multi-layered ply edge being the accent theme. Because the crown effect needed a little weight added, we tiered and stacked the ride assembly. The sofa is unique in that the cushions are wedge designed. Not seen in these photos are a special rubber webbing supporting 4″ thick foam seat cushions. This is a very deluxe point of manufacture for sofa murphy beds.


On the left-hand side of this system is a 36″ wide desk with a pencil drawer. Directly above is the recessed bookcase. This is the first time we’ve manufactured this feature. This is exactly 180 degree reverse of the interior night stand. This is not an easy manufacturing task. If you don’t believe me, ask my competitor to make it for you.


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