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“Sandi and I got home in good time on Saturday – unloaded the bed on Sunday morning. All was good – no damage – thank you with all your help and for producing a great bed which we can use for years to come – we will always remember our expedition to acquire and transport the bed.
If you ever get to Lincoln – please contact us – we would love to entertain you for an evening. Thank you again.”
— Sandi and Mike Mcniff, Lincoln NE


“8 years ago we renovated a lower level in our home as a guest suite. The idea of a murphy bed sounded good, but the ones we saw in our locality didn’t quite meet our expectations. I found Flying Beds on the internet, and after a brief phone call decided to fly to Denver for the day and check it out. I was very impressed and made the deal right there. Ron promised delivery and installation on a certain date and personally performed the entire installation in one day. Amazing! We have frequent guests – family & friends – and they all love the bed and we love the convenience, utility and most importantly, the craftsmanship. It’s well made, sturdy and beautiful. DO IT !!!!
— Michelle and David Paris


“We worked with Ron McKey to design a custom king- size Murphy bed with two built-in armoires, one for each of two people, as part of our conversion of a large family room into a “mini suite” for guests. The design, woodworking and finish of the Murphy bed was so good that we commissioned Ron to design a custom two desk office for us. Both projects are beautiful furniture pieces but also with excellent functionality.”
— Tod and Jane Linstroth


“Ron, the bed looks beautiful. You have been great to work with, thanks again for your expertise.”
— The Bauter Family


“Hi Ron, my daughter and her husband have come and gone. I had such a feeling of contentment as they slept downstairs in the Flying Bed as I slept in my own bed upstairs.
Your installers were very solicitous of my disability while they were here.
I am so happy that I found you and your company.”
— Mary Anne


“Dear Ron,

I’ve been meaning to write you and thank you for the beautiful bed you created for my little sister, Mollie. Mollie died on November 27th, after an epic battle with ovarian cancer. She was only 42.

Although it was difficult keeping from being hospitalized due to the complexity and pain of her disease, Mollie wanted to die at home. And, thank God, she did. In peace and with those of us closest to her, she was home and in the comfort of what came to be a space she spent so much time in - either propped on pillows or sleeping - on the extraordinary bed you and your team created for her. Truly, that bed was her last home. She kept several hundred paper cranes her niece made for her in its cabinets, along with sculptures, candles, cards and so many gifts of love.

When I first requested (in April 2015) you create her bed so quickly, you and your colleagues sprung into action and had it installed within just a few weeks. I have never forgotten that. We are selling the home and we are leaving it all behind, as the home and its contents were for one purpose only: to give Mollie a healing space to reside in during her battle. It turned out to be a such a beautiful little nest, but its focal point was always that bed, where Mollie spent so many hours and where she took her final breath.

I just wanted you to know that your work had a tremendous positive impact on my life and the final days of my beloved little sister.

I wish you and all your family/associates great success and happiness.”

Thank you so much and God Bless,
Shannon Casey & Family



Flying Beds Reviews

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