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Ordering Process & Terms

How to Order:

  1. Budget Qualification- Tell us what type of system you have in mind (Basic, Mirrored bed, TV bed, Home Office…) and we will give you a number that reflects the average for that type of system. This number can go up or down depending upon the features you choose to customize your Flying Bed. We are the best murphy bed manufacturer in the world, and our prices reflect our refusal to compromise on quality.
  2. Design- If our estimate is accepted, then we will go further into the details for your Flying Bed: dimensions, wood, color/finish, shelves, drawers, lights… and an official Quote and Rendering will be sent to you for approval. We will need your zip code for a freight estimate.
  3. Deposit- 50% deposit is required to put your system into our production queue and purchase materials. Typical lead time is 6-8 weeks, but during our busiest season (last and first quarters) this can be 12 weeks or more. Please keep this time frame in mind when planning your Flying Bed. You are not booked in our schedule until the deposit is received, regardless of when first contact was made.
  4. Final Details- Before we begin production, a sample of your finish choice will be made and mailed to you for approval. If you wish to match existing furniture, please send us a sample. A final rendering will also be submitted for your approval.
    NOTE: If you plan to use handles to pull down the bed or open drawers, etc., you must purchase and have them ready on site if we are delivering and installing the system for you. If we are shipping the system to you, we can pre-drill for the handles you select and send to us, but will not install them to prevent damage during shipping.
  5. Production- Photos of your bed will be sent to you during production and prior to crating and shipping. Each bed is fully assembled upon completion to ensure perfect operation. Photos are taken during disassembly and included in the crates for you to ensure easy reassembly.
  6. Balance Payment- Once production is complete, the remaining balance must be paid before your bed leaves the factory. Untimely payment may result in storage fees.

Order Cancellation

Due to the custom nature of our work, FlyingBeds cannot accept cancellations after placement of order and receipt of your deposit. Purchasing of raw material for your order will have been made within two days of your deposit payment.

Returns and Refunds

FlyingBeds of Denver is the world’s most unique manufacturer of Murphy Beds. We are 100% custom in design and each order is built to your requirements. We have no standard production that would allow us to restock a system. For that reason, we have no Return or Refund policy. That is to say, the system is made to your specifications and not a ‘shelf-item’ that can be easily sold again.


Our preferred carrier is ABF Freight. Transit time is usually 3-5 days within the contiguous United States. For destinations outside the lower 48, transit time may be longer and via a different carrier. The freight estimate on your quote is based on our estimate of the weight of your finished and crated system, and may vary from actual freight charges. Standard delivery is ‘Curbside Service.’ If you desire delivery and unpacking inside your home, we will quote you the additional costs associated with this custom service. We will need to know physical layout (stairs, elevators, etc.) for an accurate cost assignment for this service.

Notification of Delivery

The day after your shipment is picked up from our factory, you will receive a PRO number. This will allow you to track the progress of your shipment to you. ABF will call you to arrange a convenient delivery time for you and their driver. If you are unable to receive the shipment within 5 business days of that contact, storage fees will be billed you on a daily rate. Should you miss the scheduled arrival of your Flying Bed, a second delivery will be arranged, but you will have to pay ABF an additional delivery charge for the return trip.

Inspecting Your Delivery

Your Flying Bed is carefully wrapped in foam and plywood crates at our factory in Denver. The pictures we send you will demonstrate the shipment was perfect upon leaving the factory. All shipments are insured against damage…with one very big important qualification. Any damage caused from shipping must be noted on the delivery receipt or the insurance cannot be claimed. Any legal dispute resulting in damages from failure to comply with the Detailed Delivery Instructions will result in any dispute being held in the Courts of The City of Denver and the County of Denver, Colorado, where the freight originated from.

It is imperative that you make a claim of any damage or defect immediately upon delivery by noting the problem on ABF’s Bill of Lading. Please verify the correct number of crates were delivered and inspect your furniture carefully while the delivery person is still at your home, before signing your delivery Bill of Lading receipt. Your signature is your acknowledgement that your merchandise is satisfactory, complete and in order. Flying Beds of Denver and ABF freight lines will not accept any claims of damage if not noted on the Bill of Lading in front of the delivery person.

If you do not unpack the crates because you do not have time, it is extremely important to note any dents, scuffs, punctures or damage to the crates on the Bill of Lading, in Front of the Delivery Person. When you do open the crate, and determine there indeed was internal damage, keep all packing material as is until an authorized inspector can come to your home to inspect the damage you found. The judgment of this independent service is final.

FlyingBeds will assist you in any damage caused after delivery and only charge actual material and direct labor for manufacture/remanufacture of the pieces required. This service will be invoiced and requested paid upon shipping to you.

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