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Are You Interested in Learning How to Select a Murphy Bed?

FlyingBeds is the world’s most unique manufacturer of custom furniture murphy beds. We offer a new fusion of American innovation and Colorado craftsmanship. To our knowledge, no other manufacturer offers the range of murphy bed systems that can safely lift the weight of a King mattress. Only the SICO Room Maker mechanisms that we use have the capacity to allow one hand lift and lowering of such massive weight.

Are you interested in learning more about the ultimate way to make a room dual purpose? Not only will a murphy bed increase the flexibility and functionality of a multi-purpose room, a murphy bed from FlyingBeds will add a sense of luxury to your home. Our murphy beds can be neatly stored away as they are elegantly disguised in your entertainment center, behind your favorite piece of art, full-length mirror and more.

The Details of How to Select a Murphy Bed

  • Find the Right Murphy Bed Provider: When it comes to selecting the best murphy bed, inquire about the weight lift capacity of a company’s mechanism. The higher the better. You can also ask for any architectural specification sheet on component and dimension requirements. If your provider has a professional outline then that is a good sign.
  • Consider Your Murphy Bed Budget: Contact our professional and friendly team to discuss what type of system will best suit your needs and overall aesthetic. From there, our experts will present you with a number that reflects the average cost for that type of system. At FlyingBeds, our prices reflect our refusal to compromise on quality.
  • The Details of Your Design: Once our estimate is accepted, our team can begin to think about measurements and dimensions as well as wood, color/finish, shelves, drawers, lighters and more. We will record all measurements, from floor to ceiling and take note of any dividing or supporting walls, pillars, corners, angles, doors, windows and closets.
  • Onto the Murphy Bed Mattress: When you purchase a murphy bed from FlyingBeds, you can actually have any mattress that you want. You can buy any weight, any size and any thickness. Just let our team know the measurements so that we can build your system in order to allow easy storage.

FlyingBeds is a murphy-bed concept with enhanced lift capacity and safety. With our murphy beds, we offer the best, custom wood furniture designs and functional room transformations. You can be sure that our murphy beds are manufactured in Colorado and shipping worldwide for your convenience. To learn more about FlyingBeds and how to select a murphy bed, please visit our website or email

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