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Have a Murphy Bed With a Closet From Flying Beds

Murphy Bed With a Closet Redecorating your home is an amazing way to express yourself. While there are so many cookie-cutter layouts, so many plain ways to dress your interiors, why not make your home your refuge, your palette, your area to display your inspiration and to be inspired. At Flying Beds, we’re here to help make your space a beautiful dream home.

A Murphy Bed With a Closet Will Transform Your Home

Be creative with how you use your space. For example, a lot of items can have multiple uses. For example, two long tables can be used as office tables, either free-standing or propped up against a wall. Alternatively, these tables can be put together for use as a dining table or other large table use. Have a murphy bed with a closet installed. With a murphy bed with a closet, you create a dual space. Whether you feel as though your space is limited or not, you need to think beyond the conventional purpose of a room. If you need a guest bedroom or you want to create a home office, a murphy bed with a closet is an ideal addition to your home. Good design and functionality are more important than ever, and when you have a murphy bed with a closet, you’re able to accommodate a whole wardrobe into a space. Imagine being able to have an office transform into a bedroom with just a few simple movements through using a murphy bed with a closet. A Murphy Bed With a Closet Is All Your Need to Create a Dual Space Clutter in any home is an enormous eye-sore. You want to declutter as much as possible, and organize items off of surfaces. Get creative with how you place items—for example, organize similarly colored book spines together, stack magazines in a creative way and install necessary shelving units. Don’t forget that there’s sometimes space beneath shelves as well. Mix textures and how you organize, for example, stack some books on a shelf next to a piece of pottery. Change How You Use Your Space With a Murphy Bed With a Closet Don’t limit your space—think vertically. For example, consider using the space above your door. It’s a very underused area that can be used for storage or decorative uses. You can keep items there that you don’t need daily, such as seasonal items or items to entertain. Use heightened lighting, such as pendant lighting, recessed lighting or rope lighting. It’s easy to look at a floorplan and think and design laterally. Instead of being limited to your space’s footprint, use different levels in the room. If you have high ceilings, space can be subdivided. Ensure that the area is well lit and organized. Transform your home with a murphy bed with a closet. Visit or email [email protected].

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