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How Much Does a Murphy Bed Cost?

Murphy Bed Pricing

If you are considering home improvements to improve the versatility and appeal of your home, a murphy bed is an excellent choice. The only question that might give you some pause is the cost. At Flying Beds, we would be happy to give you an insight into that.


A Basic Murphy Bed

All of Flying Beds’ units are hand-made, custom designed down to the wood and finishes. A queen-sized Basic Timbers unit, our most economic bed, comes in just under $4,200. This cost covers the easy-lift SICO EuroBed system, which turns lifting a murphy bed of any size into a trivial exercise: you can do it with just two fingers, regardless of the mattress you want to use. The Basic Timbers queen is 64 inches wide, 89 inches tall, and 21 inches deep, and extends 94 inches when the bed is lowered. We encourage inquiries into the cost of our twin, double, and king sizes that we also offer for this and all of our models. The Hallmark Design upgrade adds an interior nightstand to the frame, and a sloped headboard, which adds just over a thousand to the price, and 13 inches to the queen unit’s width. Lastly for our standard designs, the Deluxe System includes all of the above as well as flutes and rosettes on the vertical face, a full interior back panel, a base cove accent package, an integrated LED 6-bulb light system, and bun feet with a platform. This model is taller because of the platform, at 94 inches, and costs around $6750 for a queen-sized unit.

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More Elaborate Designs

As an example of what is possible when you propose a design to us, we’re including details of a more involved design, with wall extension units. A queen-sized Gothic Armoire, featuring as standard the SICO Eurobed mechanism, was built with a gothic arched panel frame in alder wood. With a built-in LED light, interior nightstand, and electric/USB outlet, the total cost for the bed was just over $7,700, and its dimensions 100 inches tall, 80 inches wide, and 23 inches deep, extending to 95 inches when the bed is deployed. For the inclusion of a pair of full-doored pier cabinets, the cost comes in at $10,550. To turn the cabinet-bed unit into a full wall piece, complete with two gothic glass-doored cabinets with three drawers each, the total is $14,485. Of course, if you desired this extensive unit in a wood other than alder– for example cherry, oak, walnut, or maple– the cost may be different. As a completely custom design, it is worth noting that you can request variations and additions such as bun feet, accents, and other variations. Flying Beds doesn’t sell its units out of a catalog, and we’re proud of that. We don’t want to sell you our bed. We want to make the bed that you’re excited about.

If you want a custom murphy bed that is worth every last penny, Flying Beds is the company to choose. Learn more about murphy bed pricing by contacting us:

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