Do You Have to Have a Special Mattress for a Murphy Bed?


Murphy beds are highly versatile additions to a multi-purpose room. Among their many benefits are the capacity to turn a home office, home gymnasium, or den into a comfortable bedroom with the absolute minimum of effort. Some murphy bed manufacturers will tell you that you need a special mattress to work with their beds- that their frames will only work with that particular combination. This, obviously, can pose problems for people who have particular mattress preferences, or those who require certain types of mattresses for health conditions, be they allergies, back pain, or other ailments.


Mattresses and Flying Beds


Flying Beds is different. Our beds incorporate one of the high-quality SICO lifting mechanisms, which maintain excellent performance regardless of the mattress they are used with. Even dense memory foam mattresses are easy to lift with just two fingers. The only concession Flying Beds requests from you when building your custom murphy bed is that you let us know the dimensions and other vital statistics of the mattress you’ll be using it with. That way, we can accommodate it and build your system to permit easy storage- not only of the mattress, but the bedding that will go with it. After all, what’s more convenient than already having the pillows and sheets you need already laid out when you pull down your murphy bed?



Murphy Bed Mattress Advice from Flying Beds


If you’re looking to buy a particular mattress to go with your new murphy bed, we have a couple of tips. First off, be sure to ask the mattress manufacturer about how its mattresses hold up to being stored vertically. Some disreputable companies, the sort that cut corners on materials, will say that doing so voids the warranty of your mattress. This is a useful red flag, not only for equipping your murphy bed with a suitable mattress, but in general, as it shows the manufacturer lacks confidence in its own products and their ability to maintain shape and support over time. That’s not the sort of mattress you want on any bed, much less a custom-built Flying Beds unit. If you can’t choose a mattress you think will work well, or you don’t have the time, Flying Beds is on hand to help out. We offer to include a ‘Wesson’ model mattress from a locally-based company by the name of Old West Mattress Company. Many of our clients who order beds for second homes or resorts, who can’t be around to shop for suitable mattresses, take advantage of this option. And of course, though it should go without saying- if the company you’re talking to about building a murphy bed for you tells you that you have to use a foam mattress otherwise their lifting system won’t be able to handle it, run. You wouldn’t invest in a wonderful new garage then stick a lemon in it, so don’t make the same mistake with your bed. After all, even with commutes these days, you spend more time in your bed than in your car…


If you want a custom murphy bed that will work with your mattress, Flying Beds is the company to choose. Learn more about murphy beds by contacting us:

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