Murphy Beds for Kids

FlyingBeds is the premier source for the world’s greats beds. Our murphy beds for kids are high quality and handcrafted. Murphy beds for kids have never been made from better materials or by a more reliable team until the professionals at FlyingBeds came along. With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, FlyingBeds is a leading source for murphy beds for kids and more.

At FlyingBeds, you can choose a mattress of any size and any depth and we will make it disappear into an armoire, an entertainment center, or behind a mirror or sofa. You truly have your choice of a range of options when it comes to designing your very own customized murphy bed. Our unique fusion of American innovation and Colorado craftsmanship provides you with the opportunity to transform your room. In addition to manufacturing superior quality murphy beds, our team specializes in murphy beds for kids.

High Quality Murphy Beds for Kids

Our range of murphy beds for kids are convenient, stylish and functional. Murphy beds for kids are great for small spaces and allow you to use that extra space for a variety of options depending on your child’s unique personality and interest. For example, a murphy bed for kids allows you to save space for a makeshift playroom during the day or an arts and crafts space. If your children share a room, murphy beds for kids are convenient because they save floor space once they are folded into a wall. Your child will love having more room to play and you will enjoy the easy functionality of the murphy bed.

Our SmartBeds from Italy serve as convenient solutions for murphy beds for kids. These innovative beds are available as: desk murphy beds, revolving murphy beds, sofa murphy beds, student desks wall tables and more. What better way to make use of your space than with a murphy bed for kids? The desk beds are easy to use and convenient for students of all ages. Murphy beds are an effective way of upgrading your home without signing up for months and months of construction.

One of the most important issues when it comes to murphy beds for kids is safety. At FlyingBeds, we understand that you want to ensure your child’s safety at all times. We can ensure that our murphy beds for kids have been strategically designed for safety. The Room Maker system AND SICO Eurobed have specifically been engineered so that the lift pacs go into a “relaxed state” as they near the “upright” position. As the mattress enters the storage compartment, the weight of bedding, headboard and foundation pass over the pivot point of bed cycle. The weight change actually pulls the bed into the closed position. There is no possibility of the system falling out of the closed position without assistance from outside the stored bed.

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