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Best Murphy Bed Advice

For over 35 years, FlyingBeds has been dedicated to providing high quality murphy beds to people all over the world. When it comes to murphy bed advice, our skilled team has the experience to answer all of your questions. Located in Colorado, our showroom and factory combines American innovation with reliable Colorado craftsmanship. FlyingBeds is the world’s most unique manufacturer of custom furniture murphy beds.

For murphy bed advice, there is no team more knowledgeable and helpful than FlyingBeds. A murphy bed is often referred to as a “wall bed” or “folding bed,” and it is a highly functional piece of furniture that can transform any room. At FlyingBeds, we specialize in making rooms become more valuable by giving them a dual purpose. We refuse to sacrifice the sleeper’s comfort for design and vice versa- we truly manufacture the world’s greatest beds.

Murphy Bed advice & More

Murphy bed advice spans a range of categories and our team is available to help you every step of the way. Do you have questions about murphy beds? Are you trying to decide if a murphy bed is the right option for your home? Here are some common questions that people seeking murphy bed advice often have:

  • What mattress can I use?
    • Any mattress you want. You can buy any weight, any size, and any thickness. Just let us know the measurements so we can build your system to allow easy storage. Our mechanisms can be tuned to lift and lower your bedding. We combine it with the weight of the bed face and calibrate the powerpac to make the system float up and down in its cycle.
  • Do FlyingBeds attach to the wall or floor?
    • Both SICO mechanism systems used can attach to the floor or wall. In the case of wall being metal studs, we strongly suggest both. We send along with the shipment an assortment of popular attachment bolts for the most common walls. Our installation books stress proper correct methods. We are available on the phone or email to assist.
  • How can I tell which lift mechanism and frame is best for me?
    • Most important, do not let yourself be taken by companies that say they are going to send you the lift mechanism and plan to build the ‘bedframe’ and surround cabinet. Ask if they put their name on the bed and look for the serial number suggesting when the bed was manufactured.
  • How do you ship the murphy bed?
    • We use Common Carriers to deliver the system to a local terminal near you. Then a local cartage company can deliver it to your home. The furniture inside is mostly assembled. In most cases, the entire shipment is only 4 to 6 pieces that has already been stood up and tested at the factory before leaving.

To learn more about FlyingBeds and murphy bed advice, please visit our website or email

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