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Murphy bed


Making your home more stylish and efficient is easier and more fun than ever. With Flying Beds, your home exemplifies who you are, making your best areas better. With simple changes, such as making the most of paint or using a horizontal wall bed, you make your home feel as though it came straight out of a magazine.


Don’t Make These Mistakes, Use a Wall Bed


Doing the most with your dollars and space is important, no matter how much or as little you have. Include a Murphy bed in your space to completely transform it to a dual use or multipole use space. There may have been an additional space you always wanted in your home, such as a craft room or office. But if you have a guest room, you may think those dreams are dashed. That is not so! Whether you entertain guests often or seldom, a Murphy bed will turn that guest room into that much needed room and create a huge amount of space. A wall bed will create intrigue and can live in so many different areas of your home. No matter what your needs are, we can accommodate you.


A Murphy Bed is Ideal for Your Home


If you have a small space that you’re trying to optimize, the planning stages are very important. Editing your belongings is very important, as you’ll want to have only the bare necessities. Microliving is the new way of life, whether you’re trying to save money or you want to simplify your life. It doesn’t have to be difficult.


Use a Murphy Wall Bed


Neutral palettes help create a cohesive space that can also look quite big. Include pops of color to infuse as much personality as possible. A little paint goes a long way, and don’t forget that you can use wallpaper too.


Use a Wall Bed in Your Space


When you have a small space, you want to break it up in order to create different areas of use. Something as simple as a ceiling to floor glass wall can act as a diving tool between the sleeping area and living area. When you include a divider that’s somewhat sheer, you’re not closing off the space.


Creating different levels will give the appearance that the space is bigger and more intriguing than it is. You can loft a space where you can create another living space or you can add a working area. You can outsource this kind of work to experienced professionals or you can buy ready-made pieces. This plan helps if you have high-ceilings.


Everyone loves to include aesthetically pleasing items in their home. But sometimes, prioritizing form over function. Cramming too much into a space, or even including unnecessary items clutter an area.


A Murphy bed is what your home needs for style and utility. Visit or email [email protected].



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