Make Your Home Better than Ever with a Murphy Bed



Making your home more stylish and efficient is easier and more fun than ever. With Flying Beds, your home exemplifies who you are, making your best areas better. When you use simple changes, such as making the most of paint or using a Murphy bed, you make your home feel as though it came straight out of a magazine.


Don’t Dedicate a Whole Room to a Guest Room with a Murphy Bed


When renovating and decorating your home to be more interesting, there are so many styles that you could adopt. Consider a masculine style for your home. While some may think that masculine means a “bachelor pad” or style formed out of chaos, that is not what we’re recommending that you emulate. Masculine spaces don’t have to be devoid of style, or minimalist. They can be warm, elegant and with diverse themes to embody your personality. With a savvy hand a masculine aesthetic can appeal to both genders. It’s about a cool, fresh and sleek aesthetic. Throw out the bland look and let your home reveal the real you.


Beautify Your Home with a Horizontal Wall Bed


If you’re renovating your home, open it up to the outside world as much as possible. Install more windows—the bigger, the better. Windows can run from the floor to the ceiling. They can be paneled such that different areas can be covered at different times, and with electronic panels so that you’ll never have to pull a cord again.


Use a Murphy Bed and Add Intrigue to Your Space


When redecorating your home in a masculine style, don’t make the mistake of dedicating an entire room as a guest room-that’s a lot of space you could be using for a myriad of other things. Instead, use a Murphy bed. With a Murphy bed, you’re able to open up space for other uses. Even more, a Murphy bed is a modern way to stow your bed away. Add masculine styled art to your Murphy bed and your home will have an injection of personality and intrigue.

Heavy objects are a great way to include a sense of sturdiness. This includes metal coffee tables, heavy wooden desks and low profile furniture. Modern and classy style should be incorporated into the aesthetic of to areas such as the living room and bedroom. Semi-minimalism can be added (minimally!) but be sure to add contemporary points of wood, frosted glass, plants and well-made rugs. Accent furniture will add a dash of character and interest to a room—include color, art, posters and colorfully arranged books.


Decor makes a huge difference— greys, beiges, rich browns and neutral palettes are the name of the game. Add decorative pops of color using blue and red to amp up the aesthetic. Moody lighting, rugged charm and rustic pieces all increase a cohesive, sophisticated sense of style.


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