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Designer Motif Murphy Beds


This photograph is of the entrance to the Parlor Room of a hotel suite. The left pier cabinet is functionally a closet and drawer combination. The right pier cabinet has a coffee station above the refrigerator. Between the two side modules is the SICO RoomMaker King System.


The SICO RoomMaker has a sloped headboard that is upholstered in a velveteen fabric. It also features our exclusive deck that functions as a nightstand. Light controls are conveniently located on the headboard.

Here we see three distinctive parts of our SICO RoomMaker system. The mattress can be any manufacturer. The custom-made platform complements the design theme, and the tubular steel frame is arc-welded to become the world’s strongest Murphy Bed.


custom murphy bed exclusive placement

The light system functions three ways. The back three fixtures are for accent lighting, and the two forward-tilt HEPA lights are individually controlled for reading.

custom murphy bed pull down mechanism

The SICO RoomMaker King size bed can be lowered and raised with one hand. This photo demonstrates the ability of this superior system to hold all positions of movement, whether up or down.

“Doc’s” FlyingBed in Memphis



This queen SICO Eurobed went to Memphis. This is the second Flying Bed that we made for “Doc”. The other model is installed in Frankfort.

A custom “hidden nightstand” has become a popular feature. CPAP machine housing. Extra depth with power and USB connectors.

Tufted fabric back panel covers wall and becomes part of the headboard treatment.

Two light systems: LED spots and LED accent strip on a dimmer control.

A 14-inch thick mattress is support by the SICO Eurobed wood-slat foundation.


White Lacquer King Murphy System Goes to Jamaica


When Hayslip Design of Dallas called and asked if we would like to manufacture a king murphy bed for a client in Jamaica, I said, “You Betcha”. Then they sent me the design. It took some computer-assisted programs to perfect the custom grille design, but ultimately we succeeded in making a Signature FlyingBed.


Jamaica_Open_CrownFInish_390pNo. 40 sheen final coat. The combination of the turquoise tufted interior back panel with the white lacquer definitely speaks Jamaica. All these photographs are from the final days in the factory – and I apologize for not having a fully assembled unit to show. We were in a rush to meet a deadline.


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