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King Murphy Beds - Across the Fruited Plains

Picture of Flying Beds' Fruited Plain King Bed

Ease of Operation

The SICO Room Maker uses a compression coil to offset the heavy weight of a real, thick mattress. We have an installation in Malibu that will have a full mirrored bed face to be pictured here later. Stay tuned space traveler.


Our King Murphy Bed mechanisms are SICO Room Makers. A real mattress and foundation disappear into 22″ of storage space.

Chicago Murphy Bed: Two Double SICO EuroBeds for Chicago Sleep Center

This photograph is of the entrance to the Parlour Room of a hotel suite.The SICO Room Maker King size bed can be lowered and raised with one hand. This photograph demonstrates the ability of this superior system to hold all positions of movement, up or down.

The left pier cabinet is functionally a closet and drawer combination. The right pier cabinet is a coffee station with refrigerator below it. Between these two side modules is the SICO RoomMaker King System.
The light system installed in this module is three-functional. The back three fixtures are for accent lighting, the two forward tilted hera lights are individually controlled for reading.

King Murphy Bed at Denver Art Museum Condos


DenverArt_KIng_OpenTop_390This mirrored bed typically draws the same two questions. The answer to the first question: Yes, it is a real 1/4″ thick clear float mirror. The second answer is yes, this SICO King mechanism is perfectly balanced and does hold all positions in it’s cycle going up or down.


When you have the space, but it isn’t enough… call the ‘Innovative’

White Lacquer King Murphy Bed System Goes to Jamaica


WhiteLacquer_WomanTop_300pWhen Hayslip Design of Dallas called and asked if we would like to manufacture a king Murphy bed for Jamaica, I said, ‘You Betcha.’ Then they sent me the design! It took some CAD programs for the custom grille design, but ultimately we succeeded in making a Signature-style FlyingBed. We finished this system in a white lacquer finish with No. 40 sheen final coat. The combination of the turquoise-tufted interior back panel with the white lacquer definitely speaks Jamaica! All these photographs are from the final day in factory, and I apologize for not having a fully assembled unit. We were in a rush to meet a deadline.


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