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King Size Murphy Beds by FlyingBeds


Most of our systems are natural wood, stained, and have two coats of final lacquer. Shown here is a process with eight coats of lacquer. Between the 2nd and 3rd coats, stressing and antiquing were applied. Between coats 5 and 6, glazing was applied. Suffice it to say this is a complicated process – I only know one person, James, who has mastered it!


King Size Murphy Beds are one of our most unique products. Only the SICO Room Maker mechanism can lift the weight of a 16″ thick King size mattress using only one hand!

This system is 137.5″ wide and 126.25″ tall. There’s a full depth of 24″ for storage. When lowered, the King size Murphy bed extends into the room 106″. Because this is a white lacquered system, it actually fits the room perfectly.

The ceramic handles are a story unto themselves. Suzan bought them in Jacksonville eight years prior because they were so beautiful. This whole system was designed around their theme.

The mattress is one of the Euro-top selections from Spring Air®. Instead of the pillow-top being dacron, memory foam was substituted. This mattress is very comfortable and very heavy.


King size Murphy Bed with 65” Television


This King size murphy bed with a SICO Room Maker mechanism has a built-in 65” TV, and was manufactured in Select Alder. The unique feature for this production was that we did not apply any finish. The cabinet company in Bend, Oregon wanted to stain the Alder using their own custom process, matching other woodwork in the room.

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Greg in Bend Oregon 2

King Murphy Bed with Overlay Motif Design in Washington D.C.


This photograph is of the entrance to the Parlor Room of a hotel suite. The left pier cabinet is functionally a closet and drawer combination. The right pier cabinet has a coffee station above the refrigerator. Between the two side modules is the SICO Room Maker King Murphy Bed System.


This King Murphy bed has a sloped headboard that is upholstered in a velveteen fabric. It also features our exclusive dropped deck that functions as a nightstand. Light controls are conveniently located on the headboard.

The light system functions three ways. The back three fixtures are for accent lighting, and the two forward-tilt Hera cold LED lights are individually controlled for reading.


The SICO Room Maker King Murphy bed can be lowered and raised with one hand. This photo demonstrates the ability of this superior system to hold all positions of movement, whether up or down.


Here we see three distinctive parts of our SICO Room Maker King Murphy bed system. The mattress can be any manufacturer. The custom-made platform complements the design theme, and the tubular steel frame is arc-welded to become the world’s strongest Murphy Bed.

White Oak King Murphy Bed system is really Two Twins in Beaver Creek, CO


White Rift Grain Oak is a beautiful wood to work with in the mill. It accents this Mission theme perfectly. Before Kiln Drying was perfected to stabilize the movement of wood during seasonal weather changes, White Oak was the preferred wood of craftsman furniture manufacturers. Great companies like Stickley still consider this variety of wood a premium material to use for its beauty and durability.

This is a Mission style bed that was designed to function as either 1 King or 2 Twins. Eric wanted his two sons to have a place to sleep when they visit. Later, when they get married, the two Twin XL mattresses can be pushed together to accommodate both a son and daughter-in-law.

Shown here are the beds in three different stages of operation.


Eric’s resort home is in Beaver Creek, Colorado. His main purpose for designing a King size Murphy bed with table was to allow his office to be near him on vacation.

A Table Hidden in the Bed Face


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King size Murphy Bed in Cayman Islands has Crimson Fire Finish


STAINING PROCESS: We start with a penetrating stain that is applied by brush or rag, allowed to ‘flash’ and then the excess is wiped off at the discretion of the technical person seeking the best color hue. We allow the wood to dry overnight and in the morning we return to the finishing room and apply the first clear lacquer coat. After a couple of hours, we sand the piece to attain the smoothest finish. That afternoon we apply the second and final coat of lacquer. Because this King size Murphy bed system was going to a high-moisture environment, we added a third coat of lacquer.



The photo at the top shows how we can hide a nice sock drawer behind the panel doors.

The photograph above shows the interior light system that is controlled by both a dimmer and an override switch to prevent the bed from being closed with the lights on.


King size Murphy Bed with Mirror in Wichita Basement Exercise Room


This king size Murphy bed features a mirrored bed face that was split in half for downstairs access, and then reassembled on site.

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Each of the storage piers flanking this King Murphy bed feature two 24″ deep drawers.

TRUE REFLECTION: The mirrors in this unit are a full 1/4″ of thick real glass. No shortcuts is our rule.

INTENSE: This owner chose a 15″ thick mattress.

COMFORTABLE: Tufted fabric interior back panel.


King size Murphy Bed in Vail is 7 stories above the creek!


The front bed face panel was designed to display a family photograph for this client in Vail.

A 16″ thick mattress will pamper you with ultimate comfort in this living room King Murphy bed.

False drawer panels were designed to match the functional drawer panels on the side piers.


Our King size Murphy Beds have NO LIMIT in size or weight of the bedding set. New designs weekly!
FlyingBeds has been shipping our Custom Murphy Beds around the world since 1981.


King Murphy Beds - Across the Fruited Plains

Picture of Flying Beds' Fruited Plain King Bed

Ease of Operation

This oak King Murphy bed system was installed in Aspen, Colorado, in 2002.


Our King size Murphy Beds use the SICO Room Maker mechanism. It uses a compression coil to offset the heavy weight of a king size mattress. A real mattress and foundation disappear into 22″ of storage space.

King Murphy Bed at Denver Art Museum Condos


This mirrored bed typically draws the same two questions. The answer to the first question: Yes, it is a real 1/4″ thick clear float mirror. The second answer is yes, this SICO King Murphy bed mechanism is perfectly balanced and does hold all positions in its cycle going up or down.


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When you have the space, but it isn’t enough… call the innovative


White Lacquer King size Murphy Bed System Goes to Jamaica


When Hayslip Design of Dallas called and asked if we would like to manufacture a King Murphy bed for Jamaica, I said, ‘You Betcha.’ Then they sent me the design! It took some CAD programs for the custom grille design, but ultimately we succeeded in making a Signature-style FlyingBed.

We finished this system in a white lacquer finish with No. 40 sheen final coat. The combination of the turquoise-tufted interior back panel with the white lacquer definitely speaks Jamaica! All these photographs are from the final day in factory, and I apologize for not having a fully assembled unit. We were in a rush to meet a deadline.


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