Timbers a Unique Murphy Bed Design

Timbers Black


This design was developed by The Ranch House design firm in Boulder for a project in Keystone, Colorado. Since we started offering it on the residential market, we have made it in just about every wood known to man.

Very nice little armoire that loves large decorative accent hardware... Oh, you are responsible for purchasing hardware for all the systems we make. Too big a headache for us to worry about.... Glad to install them for you!

Timbers down


By special request, we have added colors in laquer finish, black and white! And of course, if you send us a color sample we will match that in finish. Please allow an extra two weeks for this custom featured design.

Most people allow us to finish this in a semi-gloss but a dull or gloss finish sheen is available at your request.

When we do this unit for you, we have to close down all manufacture in the factory so that no dust is conveyed to the wet finish. This is a headache we will endure because we like you. (It will cost more!)

Cherry up


Timbers always looks best in Cherry, real wood!

Cherry system is made of select Cherry from the Northeastern United States. This Min-Wax finish is complimented by applying a catalystic lacquer finish 24 hours later. This is a complicated finishing process described in our Frequently Asked Question section. (A hint, the other guys don't do this because it is too long a process for their production.)

This system is 77 inches wide.
This allowed us to hide a shelving system inside the bed cavity. This is a FlyingBed design feature!

Cherry down


Knotty Pine Timber in Factory

I was walking through the factory during construction of a Knotty Pine System in the Timbers design. This photograph was taken before all appointments were added to the facade. It doesn't even have any finish applied yet! But, you can see the inner beauty of this design already expressing itself.

This customer did not choose to add the interior nightstand shelf option. Personally, I like the compactness of this design, but love the functionability feature of those hidden shelves. OKay, so what if the width is reduced by 12 inches.

Knotty Pine
Oregon Alder or Rustic Cherry
Both these woods are very knotty.

The three prices shown represent the most frequent ways Timbers is ordered. The first price is represented to the right in Maple. It is our narrowest model at 64" for a queen.

The second price shown is our most popular system ordered in Timbers. We increase the width to 77" and add an interior shelf system, seen only when the bed is lowered. This feature is shown in the Cherry system above.

The third price shown is for placement of the queen Timbers in a basement. We moved the crown in the bridge down to the bedface panel. This allows the system to stand 83 1/2 " tall. Shown in the Knotty Alder Timbers below.

Tons of Options !
Lights with dimmer control $275.
Cove Molding Accent $175.
Crown flush to side - vertical N/C
Mirror the four panels for $470.

Northern Red Oak
Eastern Hard Maple
Appalachian Select Cherry
Canadian Sugar Pine
Idaho Beech
Genuine Mahogany
Central America
White or Black Lacquer Paint
Custom Colors Available
Timbers in Maple

This is Timbers for a basement installation. The height is limited to 83
1/2" and you sacrafice the option of interior lighting.
The reason for this is that most basements have a code height of 84", and some people just like the idea of the bridge coming down.


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