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New Mirror High Gloss Finish
New to America
Mirror Finish

Technology and the hottest new Murphy Bed in the world
Ron McKey, Founder and President of FlyingBeds International, Inc., is fired up about the new Italian Murphy Bed systems from Italy. Just introduced two weeks ago at the Milan show, [after a year of testing], this is the hottest new Murphy Bed in the world. That is a free standing Murphy Bed that does not attach to the floor or wall !
      The Colombo Family, Francesco and Lino have continually improved and invented unique Murphy Bed styles with a guiding emphasis to manufacturing the most compact Murphy Bed system in the world. Most models store away into only 11” of wall space depth.
      In only 11” this Italian family has made a steel framed platform that has a unique wood-slat foundation supporting your choice of mattress. A firm High Density Urethane Foam or the popular Memory Foam composition. You will not be sacrificing any impression of comfort in thinking this 6" mattress is less than the 13" mattress we have grown to accept as the American standard. The secret is the ‘foundation’ of this sleep system – it’s not built into the mattress, but built into the wood slat, steel framed foundation. Same comfort, different principle of achieving it. You’ll have to visit Ron’s site, or, to download your copy of this great catalog. Or better yet, give Ron a call and he’ll send a hard copy to you. This is great news for those overflow visitors up in Aspen – finally a comfortable evening’s sleep!

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LISTEN TO: Ron McKey, Founder/President, FlyingBeds International, Inc.

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Ron McKey, President, FlyingBeds International, Inc. -

Talking about having a global presence
16190_ 10/6/14 - We're speaking with the 'master of deception', that is in terms of finding those creatively hidden beds in some very cleverly designed, hand-built furniture, to achieve a dual purpose room. Located in Denver, FlyingBeds International, Inc. and Ron McKey, president/founder, are very well known locally and internationally. We're talking about having a global presence, and Ron tells us how it begins with the presentation of your best. In this case, at the show. That would be the Hospitality/Design Expo in Las Vegas this past May - with 900 exhibitors. It was a very good show for Ron because he was able to demonstrate to the hotel trade that you can lift a king-size bed with one hand. They were pretty impressed - it was a giant mattress in a very nice unit that he'd done for the Marriott Corporation. Right now in their factory Ron has two queens in a rustic cherry that are going to Bermuda with a very unusual finish to it. He's actually got a great amount of crazy stuff going through right now, including a bed from a New York designer that has antique books that came from London. It is actually books and a television put together... but you'll just have to look at the website where hundreds of amazing examples are displayed...
LISTEN TO: Ron McKey, President/Founder, FlyingBeds International

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Ron McKey, 
        Founder & President, FlyingBeds International Ron McKey, When doing Business Globally
1356_ 2/25/13 - Ron McKey is the Founder and President of FlyingBeds International; we're talking about doing business globally. Ron tells us that FlyingBeds is a two way company, he's noticed out in the market place that FlyingBeds is an exclusive, high-end presentation of Murphy beds, the Murphy Bed concept, in America. At Ron's factory here in Denver, he manufactures exquisite, unique Murphy beds. Murphy beds meaning beds that fold up into the wall. When he's out in the market place Ron said, "When I am selling over in Germany, Barcelona, Israel, Egypt; I've run across other companies that are just as unique as me in their concept. So, like the Italian bed that I bring in from the Colombo Company are the narrowest in thickness. Meaning they really fold up in 10" of space - that's amazing. But then over in Germany is a company owned by Karl Warner the Lift Bed Company and they take their beds and put them on the ceiling. They run them up by electric motor. That is cool. Very expensive but cool." Larry asked, "What are the most interesting challenges you face when dealing with these organizations overseas?" Ron replied, "They are always concerned with installation. It's relatively easy to decide on the design with email and the Internet, and we can over-night a sample to them and we can make adjustments and approve it." When asked, "What advice would you give other entrepreneurs wanting to do business overseas?" RM: "Well, you're not going to get any overseas commerce by being the lowest priced guy in the marketplace. This is my opinion, you're going to have to have something unique, either a great service or a product no one else is making. But I also bring back in products that are not available to Americans. I look at it as a fair trade. We're building a relationship with these other countries." Having worked with Ron on his website, Pat asked about the Shoji Bed and room Ron designed and created for a family living in Japan. Her question goes to Ron's background and how he does what he does. He chuckled and referred to his background as a dairy farmer from Oregon and a mechanical drawing class. He doesn't tell us about his work in the military, installing and repairing the electric wiring and cables in airplanes or his experience as a buyer or his university education in business and marketing. Pat's conclusion, there's... Listen, Watch and visit
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LISTEN TO:Ron McKey, Founder/President, FlyingBeds International

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Interviewed on No. 1 Internet Talk Radio Show 10/24/2011
Ron McKey, 
Make it earn the investment cost

Celebrating their 30th year in business, we've tracked down Ron McKey, founder of the Colorado based FlyingBeds. He's gone from Murphy Beds to FlyingBeds in more ways than one. He's had a ton of experiences, has a fabulous, unbelievable website, does a lot of business online not only in Colorado but all over the country and internationally. He is in all respects a real character - and it comes through... over the phone, in an interview and on his website - and people love what he is and what he does. His furniture is custom made and he helps the would be designer/client re purpose a room to be beautiful and valuable. Ron explains the problem with this concept is that not everyone is not a born designer - it just isn't in their blood. So Ron lends his vast experience to help guide the process. Starting with, what do you want this room to accomplish? One of my favorite lines, found on his website is the 'deceptive purpose' of a room. Ron says, "I want the room to become valuable. Make it earn the investment cost." It may look like a beautiful home office with fabulous surround furniture in Cherry (you'll positively drool looking at the photos on his site) that turns into a state of the art guest room for that special visitor, with a view of the Rockies over the Cityscape of Denver or Singapore or... He'll talk with you, work with you and help you bring out that special, one of a kind, heirloom quality room with the right questions, renderings, drawings and an entertaining conversation. We wanted to know what Ron's most difficult task was. He said it was getting the client to realize "we aren't a Murphy Bed company". It's the combination of Hollywood movies and sofa beds that are stuck in their mind. - Think "I Love Lucy". It is easy for the customer to forget we are a space design company and not a joke. Larry asked Ron why and/or how FlyingBeds is different from other Murphy Bed type manufacturers - Ron replied, We say, "What do you want?” not, “This is what we have." Listen for more...
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Listen to: Ron McKey, Founder & Pres, FlyingBeds

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A Letter from the president
Ron McKey


You are the most important part of our design theme. It is your assignment of the Murphy Room's purpose that guides us in suggesting how to make the room dual purpose.

The tour of this website will demonstrate our ability and reluctance to hide the Murphy Bed mechanism. We don't professionally photograph the installed system. In most cases, the installer had just packed up and turned around for the last time and snapped a photograph. There aren't any luxury bedspreads and throw pillows being sold here.

I have a guiding principle: Give me the largest room available. It is the most valuable. Now, let's hide a Murphy Bed that functionally compliments changing the room. Concentrate on the 'Closed Position'. That is what makes the Murphy Bed concept valid. When the bed is lowered, you have a bedroom….(you already have one of those!).

If you visit our Wall Bed showroom, you will be visiting our factory at the same time. We are the manufacturer of the
furniture surrounding the Murphy Bed lift mechanism. If you work with us without visiting, you will receive samples and full renderings of any Wall Bed system we design together. We delivery and install from Maui to Bangor.

Enjoy the tour. Call us at 888 892-4645 We look forward to delivering a new room for your house! I welcome a call anytime. Or send me an e-mail at [email protected].

All the best,
Ron, The Pilot

Ron McKey, The Pilot at FlyingBeds.comIn the News...
Larry Nelson popular host of the Number One Google rated, online business talk show,, recently interviewed Ron McKey... Listen here

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Italy home of the SmartBeds

100% Made in Italy

Dotto desk bed
Dotto animation

Disappearing Revolving Bed
Revolving Bed in Action

SmartBeds Sofa Bed

Castello Folding Bunk Bed
SmartBed Folding bunk bed

Ledo Vertical Bunk bed
SmartBeds Vertical Bunk Bed

Joker Desk Bed
Joker Desk Bed

Harry Vertical Desk Bed
Harry - Vertical Desk Bed from Italy

Houdini Sofabed 2009

Mr. Hide Sofa Bed
Mr Hide Sofa Bed

Leo Single Bunkbed
Leo Single Bunkbed


Opla Sofa Bed
Opla the Sofabed


Secret Horizontal
Secret Horizontal

Double Flat Secret
Double Flat Secret


NEW - Free Standing SmartBed

Suzan's Antique White King
Suzan Antique White King

This Ripped Forest Green
Timbers went to Chicago

Timbers - Ripped Collection

Deborah, our newest Armoire

TV Bed in Breckenridge
TV Bed

Nicolle's TV Bed
Nicolle's TV Bed

Mirrored King Murphy Bed
at Denver Art Museum

Mirrored King at the Denver Art Museum

Kip has an unusual Table Bed
with extended monitor display.

Kip in Boulder

This is a King Bed?
Dual King Sofa Bed

Two different SICO Wallbed Systems

Kay & Kevin's Home Office


Horizontal Murphy Bed
White Lacquer Side Fold Murphy Bed

Fly Over Murphy Bed in Golden

Lotus in Teak
Lotus in Teak

Before we install at your home, we
stand it up at the factory.
Cherry Home Office Wrap System

The beauty of this Cherry Mission
theme is evident from Allan's working desk
Cherry Wrap System Installed

This office system was made from
Wisconsin pickle barrels.
Redwood Wrap System in the Showroom

Custom Home Office
Three Wall Wrap SystemBrenda System

Billi's Home Office
Billi's Home Office

Cherry wrap desk and FlyingBed at Fisher Island, Miami Beach.Stoladi Desk

FlyingBed is 10' tall with
a Bedface Table - Click here for full story!

NAVIGATIONMission Fir FlyingBed
at Snow Valley Ranch

Mission Fir in Snow Valley Ranch

Katie inspects Mission System going to Snowmass Village
Katie & Snowmass Village Mission

Ready to Ship!
Expresso Cherry Twin Bed System

July 22, 2014
New Bed Added
Consignment Page



Exotic Timbers


Craig finds Exotic Timbers

Florida Murphy Bed w/ TableWhite Lacquer Table Bed

Arizona Murphy Bed w/ TV
Arizona Murphy Bed with TV

Click on picture to meet the FlyingBeds Gang
Welcome to our Showroom. Click the photo and come on in.

Welcome to our factory
We manufacture FlyingBeds
with 3 controlling thoughts.

  1. Deception of stored Wall Bed
  2. Sleeping Comfort Superior to Sofa Beds
  3. Quality of Murphy Bed mechanism and our own furniture manufacture.

Contact Information -

Our office hours are listed below. Give us a call or send an email - We're always happy to talk about the exciting possibilities FlyingBeds can offer you.  
[email protected]
4470 Garfield Street
Denver, Colorado 80216

Showroom Hours:  
Mon-Friday - 10:00am to 5:00pm
- 10:00am - 3:00pm

Call Us Toll Free: 1-888-892-4645
Showroom: 303.333.3052
Map to Our Location
(Detailed Driving Direction MapQuest)

Visit w3w3® Talk Radio

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Lori's Queen Size Zen Bed
New models added...
Lori's Maple Chessboard

SICO RoomMaker with Mirror!
White King Mirrored Murphy Bed

Elevator Bed
from Germany

German Elevator Bed stoed away in the ceiling

Bed coming down into sleepiong position.

Elevator bed ready for you!

This is the Lift Bed System from Germany. A normal Murphy bed could not be lowered into this room because of the extension from it's storage space. But, if we take this king size bed and lift it into the ceiling the room magically becomes dual purpose. And, best of all, it's remote controlled - electircally operated! LINK to featured page.


Texturized Melamine

Post to FaceBook - FlyingBeds, Ron McKey Post by Flyingbeds

Built in the USA, Shipped anywhere in the World!

Hospitality Design Expo - Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas - 2014 Hospitality Design Expo

Murphy Bed with Table Shipped to Phoenix

Tony's Cherry System with Tommy Bahama Finish
Click here for YouTube Video Story for TableBed


Zen Bed made for Yoga Room
Zen Bed in Lace Wood with Teak Mural

The 70" Flying TV Bed is here, See More

70" TV Murphy Bed by FlyingBeds

NEW Flying Beds - Coming Attractions

Ric's Mirrored King Size

Ric's Queen Mirrored System on Wazee Street in Denver! This elegant condo is five blocks from the Colorado Rockies Stadium. Seventy yards from Denver's most popular pizza hall. This place rocks, Video Here

John's home office is in Colorado Springs, right behind Colorado College on the river. The view from his sliding doors is both refreshing and beautiful. Our popular Queen Zen Bedface hides a 14" mattress. Video Here

NEW TV Murphy Beds - Coming Attractions

NYC Television  Book Bed

70" Sony Television - King Bed

It's Here! See Beautiful System with 70" TV
Click Here

This 70" Sony Television is surrounded by custom finished raised panels framing a SICO California King system.

SICO Euro Bed Queen at left was shipped and installed in New York City on 84th Street. The books came from London, the television from China, the mechanism from Minneapolis and the furniture from Colorado!

These two systems demonstrate our ability to ship and install difficult systems from coast to coast! Full storyline next month.

Stainless Steel Mirrored FlyingBed!


Flat Screen Television becomes 14" Thick Mattress

Nicole's TV Bed

Electric Lift Bed from Germany with Remote Control

Electric Lift Bed from Germany

Price List for Our Most Popular Systems

PriceList 2013


Mark's Sofa & Bed Made from Russian Baltic Birch

Russian Baltic Birch with natural finish in New York City!

White Lacquer King System Goes to Jamaica
White Lacquer King Murphy Bed System Goes to Jamaica

Mirrored King Murphy Bed

Mirrored King Murphy Bed

Twin SICO EuroBeds are market tested!

Installed and Proven

Arizona Murphy Bed

To be delivered and installed in Flagstaff.
Production Proof assembly in factory, shown here.

Gothic Flagstaff, Alder Murphy Bed in Armoire Theme with four additional pier cabinets.

Tom's Home Office in Raised Panel Cherry

A three wall wrap system with peninsula desk.

White Oak King System is really two Twins

White Oak, Two Twins Make a King

Reclaimed Lumber becomes King Murphy Bed

Craig assembles Wyoming Snowfence King Barndoor FlyingBed. Did we say this Murphy bed is going to New York City

Shoji Door Disappearing Bed

Japanese Disappearing Beds

Murphy Bed Home Office



Beetle Kill Pine from the Colorado Forest Made into a Sewing Room Trick

Beetle Kill Pine Table Bed from Colorado

Cayman Island now has a Cherry Tree
Caymen Number 1

Our Most Popular FlyingBed - TIMBERS Armoire

Timbers Queen  in Maple & Cherry
Two Queen Timbers. The Maple went to Lodi, California, the Cherry went to Fort Meyers, Florida.


Double FlyingBeds Surround Flat Screen 60" Television

Zehren Architect
Custom imported mattresses required special SICO size frames. Read complete story...


Beaver Creek Queen SICO with Custom Art Bed Face
Beaver Creek Custom Art Bed Face on SICO Queen EuroBed
This picture of the Denver skyline with the Rocky Mountain backdrop was custom made in our factory
for this installation in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Sue's Sidefold Murphy Bed hides inside functional bar

Sue's Bar Bed

To find Sue's "deceptive" FlyingBed click on the photo above.

The Lodge Sofa Bed


Sofa/Bed in Solid Oak

This is Marlene's Oak sofa bed in San Francisco, near Noe Valley. This system has two pier cabinets 28" wide, each.

The day we arrived for installation of this system, we were told it was the first and last day of summer in San Francisco. By Gawd, they were right. The next day the winds came, the fog came, the rain came, and Mark Twain's famous saying came true to his word.

Marlene's Sofa Bed


NEW Table/Bed

This Cherry system was installed at Liz's home in the basement, in Denver.

This is an introduction of our new picture framed table with hidden locks. Story to follow..

Singapore StoredThis Cherry Sofa/Bed traveled along ways. We double crated each piece in 3/4" plywood and sent it via ABF Freight Line to Los Angeles. The next I heard it landed in Hong Kong on its way to the destination Singapore!

Chip in Singapore selected all options. From lighting to mattress, to raised Cherry Panels. This system is beautiful ! 

Drier Family in Singapore!  See More

See more of the Singapore

Custom Queen SICO Euro Bed in Alder


Gothic Armoire
design in Alder with custom finish.

This bed went to Indian Springs, Maryland (in a big box). Click on photo for extensive review of our building process for this model.

This photograph was taken at the factory during the last stage of alignment. Story to follow... don't miss this one.

Click here for full story.

We named this model, Donata
because of the lady that flew to our showroom in Denver and custom designed this unique FlyingBed. Thanks Donata!

   Check Our  (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions

  New FlyingBeds from Europe

The most unique bed we have now is
a table, a bookcase and a queen bed.

Straight out of Hollywood via Europe. This bed rotates and becomes multi purposed furniture.

Locking action in both table and bed positions, very safe.

Come to the showroom and twirl this bed around a couple of times. You will be amazed at the ease of operation. Trust me!


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FlyingBeds International - Showroom and Factory in Colorado


4470 Garfield Street - Denver, Colorado 80216
Hours:   Mon-Friday - 10:00am to 5:00pm
- 10:00am - 3:00pm

Call Us: Showroom 303.333.3052 - Toll Free: 1-888-892-4645
- Cell: 720.840.6130
 Email: [email protected]

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Link to more photos and information about the Stainless Steel Mirrored Queen Murphy Bed