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Boston Scott - Main

Boston Scott Discovers
Denver Showroom

Scott La Doucer is now representing FlyingBeds in the Greater Boston area. Click here to accompany Scott on his tour of the showroom and factory in Denver.Boston Scott

Mission Fir FlyingBed at
Snow Valley Ranch

Mission Fir in Snow Valley Ranch


Kathy's Cherry FlyingBed is 10' tall with
a Bedface Table. Click here for full story!

Sofa/Bed in
Solid Cherry

Queen size SICO Eurobed with custom sofa design was photographed in the showroom. To see it in person, visit The
Lodge in Cloudcroft, N.M.

To see where "Our FlyingBed" is hidden, click on the photo.

The overhead lighting system is dual purpose for use at sofa and lowered bed. Solid Cherry raised panels are finished to match 103 year old desk already in hotel room. Fabric matched a wing back chair. Visit The Lodge in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

Custom Queen SICO Euro Bed in AlderGothic Armoire design in Alder with custom finish.

This bed went to Indian Springs, Maryland (in a big box). Click on photo for extensive review of our building process for this model.

This photograph was taken at the factory during the last stage of alignment. Story to follow... don't miss this one.

Click here for full story.

We named this model, Donata
because of the lady that flew to our showroom in Denver and custom designed this unique FlyingBed. Thanks Donata!

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Condo in New Orleans

New Orleans Murphy Bed

spaceHere's a little story about Glen's condo in New Orleans. Located in the French Quarter on Rampart Street.

This large FlyingBed made of African Mahogany is 132 inches wide and fits in a 270 sq foot condo.

Amazing story to follow.

  New FlyingBeds from Europe
Library Bed and Table

The most unique bed we have now is a table, a bookcase and a queen bed.

Straight out of Hollywood via Europe. This bed rotates and becomes multi purposed furniture.

Locking action in both table and bed positions, very safe.

Come to the showroom and twirl this bed around a couple of times. You will be amazed at the ease of operation. Trust me!

Twirly Bed in Action

Computer Bed down

This Euro Computer Bed has a mechanism manufactured in Europe. We offer it as shown direct from the factory and is available with all of our customer features shown on this website. spc
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You are the most important part of our design theme. It is your assignment of the Murphy Room's purpose that guides us in suggesting how to make the room dual purpose.

The tour of this website will demonstrate our ability and reluctance to hide the Murphy Bed mechanism. We don't professionally photograph the installed system. In most cases, the installer had just packed up and turned around for the last time and snapped a photograph. There aren't any luxury bedspreads and throw pillows being sold here.

I have a guiding principle: Give me the largest room available. It is the most valuable. Now, let's hide a Murphy Bed that functionally compliments changing the room. Concentrate on the 'Closed Position'. That is what makes the Murphy Bed concept valid. When the bed is lowered, you have a bedroom….(you already have one of those!).

If you visit our Wall Bed showroom, you will be visiting our factory at the same time. We are the manufacturer of the
furniture surrounding the Murphy Bed lift mechanism. If you work with us without visiting, you will receive samples and full renderings of any Wall Bed system we design together. We delivery and install from Maui to Bangor.

Enjoy the tour. Call us at 888 892-4645 We look forward to delivering a new room for your house! I welcome a call anytime. Or send me an e-mail at [email protected].

All the best,
           Ron, The Pilot

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KING Murphy Bed

Home Office Pilot
Custom Home Office

Murphy Beds

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Welcome to our factory
We manufacture FlyingBeds
with 3 controlling thoughts.

1. Deception of stored Wall Bed
2. Sleeping Comfort Superior to Sofa Beds
3. Quality of Murphy Bed mechanism and our own
furniture manufacture.

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