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How to Care for & Maintain Your Murphy Bed

The Murphy Bed is often referred to as a “wall bed,” “fold down bed,” or “pull down bed.” A Murphy bed has mechanisms at one end that enable it to be folded up and stored against a wall, in an armoire, entertainment center etc. Our superior quality Murphy beds are customized your unique needs. FlyingBeds is proud to offer the world’s greatest murphy beds. In the past, Murphy beds were used for space-saving purposes, but today they aren’t just a practical choice- they’re an interior design choice. Murphy beds are both stylish and functional; that’s what makes them the preferred choice for homes across the globe. When it comes to how to care for and maintain your Murphy bed, there are a few important things to know:

Tips for How to Care for and Maintain Your Murphy Bed

  • In order to prevent any discoloration of your Murphy bed, it is important to remember never to use any harsh chemicals to clean the wooden furniture.
  • You can clean or dust your Murphy bed with a microfiber cloth. Wipe in small sections and with the grain to ensure that you do not leave any streak marks.
  • Do not place any hot or sharp-edged objects on the surface of your Murphy bed. Depending on the design of your Murphy bed, never slam its attached drawers or doors.

We manufacture our Murphy beds in Colorado, and we routinely ship them worldwide. At FlyingBeds, we only use the highest quality materials from the most trusted suppliers. For example, our lift mechanisms are produced by SICO, a company that has led the industry for decades. You can trust that at FlyingBeds, we only work with other elite companies to ensure that you receive an heirloom quality Murphy bed.      

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