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Make Your Home Better than Ever with a Horizontal Wall Bed



Making your home more stylish and efficient is easier and more fun than ever. With Flying Beds, your home exemplifies who you are, making your best areas better. With simple changes, such as making the most of paint or using a horizontal wall bed, you make your home feel as though it came straight out of a magazine.


Don’t Dedicate a Whole Room to a Guest Room with a Horizontal Wall Bed


When renovating and decorating your home to be more interesting, there are so many styles that you could adopt. Art Deco arose during the 1920s and 1930s as a minimalist response to Art Nouveau. Adopted everywhere from architecture, fashion and art, Art Deco utilizes bold colors and geometric patterns. If you’re going to decorate in this style in your home, you can add small details and accents to areas such as your bedroom, or you can completely revamp your entire home.


Beautify Your Home with a Horizontal Wall Bed


When redecorating your home in Art Deco style, don’t make the mistake of dedicating an entire room as a guest room–that’s a lot of space you could be using for a myriad of things. Instead, use a horizontal wall bed. With a horizontal wall bed, you’re able to open up space for other uses. Even more, a horizontal wall bed is a modern way to stow your bed away while adding plenty of style. Add Art Deco styled art to your horizontal wall bed and your home will have an injection of personality and intrigue. It could be something as simple as adding gold accents to the piece.


Use a Horizontal Wall Bed and Add Intrigue to Your Space


Art Deco is characterized by angular shapes, bold hues and a decided lack of romanticism popularized by Art Nouveau. Think materials such as stainless steel, mirrors, chrome, lacquer and inlaid wood. With the use of exotic materials such as ebony, marble and other rare finds, the style has become emblematic of accessibility and wealth. Common themes include leaves, branches, feathers, trapezoids, stylized animals, chevrons, zigzags, sunbursts and jagged edges.


Explore How a Horizontal Wall Bed Will Open Up Your Space


When formulating a color palette, consider using yellow, blue, red, green with gold, silver, chrome and black, used in a contrasting manner. Some of the paler versions of these hues are more characteristic of the Art Nouveau era.


Concerning furniture in your Art Deco styled home and on your horizontal wall bed, there’s a great usage of metalwork, striping, and a lack of frills. The bigger the better, with velvet and gold, mirrors and geometric detailing. Fabrics are solid and are decidedly lacking any floral or plaid patterns. Go bold or go home and make your home more stylish than ever!


A horizontal wall bed is what your home needs for style and utility. Visit or email [email protected].

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