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Optimizing Your Space with a Horizontal Murphy Bed


Horizontal Murphy Bed


Whether you are working with limited space such as a studio apartment, have thoughts of giving an underutilized room a dual-function, or simply want more space in your bedroom, a murphy bed is the common sense solution. With the tried-and-tested SICO technology Flying Beds has on offer, our murphy beds can be as comfortable as you like while remaining effortless to lift and lower. Many people’s first impression of a wall bed is the vertical option, but Flying Beds is also proud of its horizontal murphy bed designs.


Reasons for Choosing a Horizontal Murphy Bed


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If your ceilings are low, a horizontal murphy bed can work much better for you than a vertical. Cabin-style domiciles and attic rooms can often find a use for this kind of bed. Additionally, rooms with limited breadth that would not have the space for a vertical murphy bed’s projection can make great use of a horizontal configuration instead. The additional width allows for manufacturers to get more ambitious with the alternate purposes of the units, ranging from full sized work desks, to entertainment centers, to breakfast tables and more. You can even have a set of horizontal murphy bunk beds. How’s that for a space saver?


Advantages of Murphy Beds


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Murphy beds aren’t only useful because they save space, though. They can also contribute to the dual-purpose of the room. Many people choose to set up home offices with murphy beds. When retracted, the bed can serve as additional desk or shelf space. Then when it’s time to finish for the evening, the bed can be quietly lowered without disturbing anyone who’s already asleep. Instead of troubling yourself with unfolding and inflating airbeds, disturbing the household and potentially neighbors, use a murphy bed with a smooth, quiet pull-down action. Instant bed– just add sleepy body!


Our Murphy Bed Mechanism

All of Flying Beds’ units use one of two SICO systems to assist the lifting and lowering mechanism. Unlike other systems, the SICO EuroBed uses a sophisticated system of heavy-duty springs to lighten the load over different angles of the bed’s rotation. It’s most useful for horizontal murphy beds that need to economize on limited room space, as it’s the more compact of the two systems we use. The EuroBed is constructed with an aluminum frame for the perfect combination of light weight and maximum durability. For horizontal murphy beds that can manage the extra space, the SICO Room Maker is the most robust murphy bed mechanism on the market. With an arc welded steel frame augmented by lift mechanisms, anyone can lift the Room Maker with just two fingers. There are no limits to the weight that this frame can support: any mattresses, any wood type, any integrated furniture will be possible to incorporate into your murphy bed. If you want a king or even a California king frame, we can easily accommodate.


If you want a horizontal murphy bed that will revolutionize your living space, Flying Beds is the company to choose. Learn more about our murphy bed options by contacting us:


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