The 5 Best Bed Rails For Seniors

The 5 Best Bed Rails For Seniors

As we get older, sometimes some of the everyday tasks that seem easy can prove to be quite challenging. Even getting in and out of bed can become more difficult as our joints stiffen up.

Luckily, there are all manner of devices and peripherals that can be purchased that help us to make our lives and our everyday tasks much easier and less strenuous. But are there such peripherals for beds? Yes!

If you find that you have particular trouble getting into or out of bed as a senior, or you even have a risk of frequently falling out of your bed, then you could grab yourself a bed rail!

The only trouble is, there are so many unique bed rails available for sale on the internet, so much so that it can be a little daunting to find the perfect one for you.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect bed rail for seniors, then you need to check out our comprehensive guide to help you to find the absolutely perfect one for your room! Read on below to get started!

The 5 Best Bed Rails For Seniors

Medical King Bed Rail

Medical King Bed Rail

Vive Bed Rail

Vive Bed Rail

Sangohe Bed Rail For Elderly

Sangohe Bed Rail For Elderly

Stander EZ Adjustable

Stander EZ Adjustable

OasisSpace Bed Rail

OasisSpace Bed Rail

Medical King Bed Rail

First up on our list is this immensely popular option from the experts at Medical King, who have lent their talents to creating this immense bed rail that makes getting in and out of bed an absolute cinch!

Comfortable Use

One of the best things about this rail is that it is incredibly easy to use. When getting in and out of bed, you will be supported the entire way by the padded handle that sits atop the unit.

The handle itself is semicircular in shape, which allows you to grip it from just about any angle, to make getting in and out of bed much easier no matter what position you are in.

The padding is incredibly soft, and it will make you feel like you are barely gripping onto anything at all. Best of all, the padding is also highly durable, so you won’t run the risk of causing the padding to fall apart.

This allows you to grip on tightly for your own comfort without straining your hands or damaging the frame of the unit.

Easy To Install

Luckily, there is very little in the way of installation necessary. All you need to do is slip the unit in to sit between the mattress and the bed frame.

This can be done by placing the horizontal bars between the mattress and the bed frame. The bars are very long, which means that they are able to maintain their positioning within the bed.

When you climb out of bed using the unit, the weight from your body will help to hold the unit firmly in place so it will not move about.

As well as this, you can also ensure that the unit will not move around when in use thanks to the rubber boots that are attached to the bottom of the vertical bars that touch the floor.

No matter whether your bedroom has a carpet or a harder floor, this device will not move around.

It also features anti-slip features that won’t end up scuffing hardwood floors, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the beauty of your bedroom!

You also don’t need to worry about the height of your bed, because this unit can easily be adjusted at a whim to be fixed to a bed of any height.

The vertical legs of the unit can be extended and shortened to numerous different lengths, to allow you to accommodate shorter beds or much taller beds. You can even adjust the height of the hand grip, in case you have a particularly tall mattress.

The possibilities for customization are truly massive! If you are adjusting the legs, you might need a little bit of extra assistance to ensure that they reach the right height, as you may need to crouch down to adjust the legs.

Luckily, once the legs are in place, they will not move! You might also need a little bit of assistance to put the bed rail together in the first place, as it does come disassembled, but takes very little time at all to put it together.

Finally, we also have to mention the security strap that is included in the package. This is tied to the unit and then wrapped around the mattress to hold the unit in place even more securely.

Storage Pouch

Sometimes there’s nothing more annoying than climbing into bed only to find that you’ve forgotten to grab your tablet or even the television remote, and then having to climb back out of bed to find it!

Luckily, thanks to the attached storage pouch, there is plenty of space to store your personal items to keep them close to hand even while you relax and recline.

There’s plenty of space in this storage pouch, which allows you to easily store numerous items safely and securely, ready to access whenever you need.


  • The incredibly minimalist design makes the rail very subtle and easy to blend with a bedroom design.
  • Incredibly sturdy and durable.
  • Features adjustable height and grip options.


  • Needs to be put together on first receiving the item, which can prove troublesome for some.

Can also be purchased from Walmart.

Vive Bed Rail

If you want a bed rail that is even more discreet and compact, then you will totally love this product from Vive.

Sleek Frame

One of the best things about this bed rail is that it is totally discreet.

Where the Medical King bed rail has legs to help hold it in place, this unit instead holds itself entirely in place through just its positioning under the mattress.

The bar that is slipped under the mattress boasts a great length that allows every occupant of the bed to apply their own weight to the bar, which in turn helps to keep it from slipping.

This length can even be adjusted whenever you like, to keep it from ever being too long or too short to hold in place!

The rail is also made up of durable aluminum and silver, which not only helps to make it incredibly durable, and able to stand up to significant weight, but also looks totally incredible and subtle.

The silver is coated perfectly to help keep it from eroding or rusting over time, so it won’t begin to look unsightly after years of usage.

Comfortable To Use

As well as being simple to install into your wider bed unit, this device is also incredibly easy and comfortable to use.

The entire hand grip section, which is very wide, features padded foam that helps to make gripping the unit for long periods much more comfortable.

You won’t find your hands beginning to strain as you use it. This allows you to exert as much weight as you need onto the unit without worrying about discomfort.

The hand grip’s long width also means that you can easily use both hands to climb in and out of bed without trouble, making it much easier to maneuver around.

And this goes without mentioning that the hand grip section also allows you to adjust its height, which allows for even greater customizability.

This is great if your mattress is particularly tall, and you need to increase the height of the handles in order to reach them.

This is easy to do by simply pulling out the grip protectors, moving the bar to the desired height, and then closing the protectors down again.

This is a task that can also easily be carried out by more senior users, making it even more perfect for such users.

Highly Portable

Thanks to its sleek frame and lightweight design, this bed rail is actually perfect for more senior users that may travel around a little more often, or who may need to move from bed to bed.

Though the device is still bulky enough to provide the support it needs, it is easy to adjust the height and length of the device’s bars to make it more compact.

This allows you to easily carry it from one bed to another, or even to place it in the trunk of a car if you are traveling and you want to take your support with you.

The unit itself is also incredibly lightweight, which means that you won’t find your back becoming uncomfortable as you move the unit around.


One of the best things about this unit is that, even though its profile is incredibly subtle, it will easily help to keep you from accidentally falling out of bed in your sleep.

No matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep. The frame’s sturdiness allows it to hold you in place without shifting itself, as your weight will naturally hold it down where you want it!

Strong Price

Thanks to its smaller size and lightweight materials, this unit is also considerably more affordable than even some of the best competing bed rails!

This means that you won’t have to break the bank to grab one for yourself.


  • Very lightweight and easy to move around from place to place.
  • Incredibly sturdy, and uses your natural body weight to hold itself in position.
  • Comfortable hand grip covers the entire width of the unit, helping to offer the stability that is backed up by extra comfort, to keep your hands from straining!


  • Does not come with an attached storage pouch, making it perhaps less attractive than other options.

Also available at Vive Health.

Sangohe Bed Rail For Elderly

This is one of the very best-constructed bed rails we have yet had the joy of covering in this article. We loved how incredibly sturdy and durable it proved to be, and thus how much security it was able to provide.

Ergonomic Handle

Unlike many other options thus far on this list, this bed rail instead features a longer and more horizontal handle that reaches further down towards the end of the bed.

This has the benefit of allowing you more space to grip, and also providing your whole body with extra support as you sleep, which in turn keeps you from falling out of bed at any point.

The handle also features an angled section that stands at around 45 degrees, which allows for even more grip options, and allows users to exert slightly more force, which is perfect for attaining the perfect position while sitting up in bed, or for making it easier to climb in and out of bed.

And the padding on the handle is incredibly plush, which in turn helps to keep your hands from straining even when you exert a lot of force onto the handle.

This makes getting around ten times easier and makes moving in the bed a total breeze. The handle’s length can even be extended, which can allow the unit to hold you in place while you sleep even more effectively.

Simply pull at the end of the handle, at the curved section, and it can almost double itself in length. This ensures that you will never find yourself slipping around or falling out of bed as you sleep!

We also have to mention the genius inclusion of small glowing strips which are located toward the farthest end of the rail.

This helps to ensure that, even in the dark, you can find the end of the rail and use it for support when moving about in the nighttime.

This is incredibly important for more senior users who may be more liable to trips and falls in the dark, making this easily one of our favorite items on this list!

Adjustable Height

As well as allowing users to choose the desired length of the bed rail’s handles, the Sangohe also allows users to change the height of the overall unit, to allow the base feet to more easily make contact with the floor.

This helps to offer the unit even more stability, which helps to make it an even greater assistive tool, especially for the elderly.

The adjustable legs work in tandem with the horizontal rails which slip nicely between the mattress and the bed frame to hold the whole unit in place.

Unfortunately, the horizontal bar is not quite as long as the bar on other units, which does mean that in order to keep it firmly in place, weight must be put onto the mattress to hold the rail in place.

Luckily, the legs of the unit help to add to the stability and ensure that the whole unit does not shift around too much, even as you do, thanks to the rubber feet attached to each!

High-Quality Materials

Any good bed rail needs to be not only constructed with precision but also constructed from the highest quality materials.

The materials used in creating this unit are incredibly robust and will not degrade significantly with time!

Iron and stainless steel are used in the unit, which helps to make it so even 300 pounds worth of force can be exerted on the unit without it shifting or losing its efficiency.

The stainless steel also helps to ensure that the unit doesn’t rust over time, so you can count on it to look totally amazing for years and years.

Storage Pouch

Of course, we could not help but mention the large and spacious storage pouch that is attached to the side of the unit.

This makes for a great place to keep all of your most important and necessary things, such as television remotes, glasses, or even books!

This helps to ensure that you are never far from the things you need and that you also don’t have to clutter up your bed just to keep everything close to hand.

The pouch is incredibly discreet, so even when filled with items, it won’t distract from the look of the overall unit.


  • Features one of the most comfortable handles on this list.
  • Glowing sections help to ensure you can use the unit safely in the dark.
  • Storage pouch is great for keeping various items close.


  • One of the more expensive options on this list.

Also available at UBuy.

Stander EZ Adjustable

Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail

If you’re willing to splash a little bit more cash, then this option may be great for you.

Fall Support

If you are prone to falling out of bed in your sleep, then this is easily our strongest recommendation.

Unlike some of the other options on this list, this unit is entirely dedicated to providing support to help keep you from slipping out of bed as you sleep.

The unit is very wide, so you can be sure that your entire body will be supported and held from slipping off of the bed.

This is further helped by the high-quality materials that are used throughout the unit that help to ensure its stability.

Stainless steel is used to bring the unit to life and this helps to give it unmatched durability, while also ensuring it looks brand new for years and years.

Easy Access

One of the best features that helps this unit to stand out is that it can actually recline down to allow for much easier access to your bed, and to make the unit more discreet and easy to use.

The unit can be pivoted from the legs, which makes it easier to climb out of bed without the unit if you ever need it stored away, but also helps to make it easier to change the bed without having to take the unit off outright!

And when the unit is put into place on the bed, it is so sturdy, and will not move about no matter how much force you exert against it.

This is helped by its adjustable height which allows you to pick a specific height for the unit so that it will stand above even the tallest mattresses.

You can even attach it down by using the packaged-in safety strap that can help to tie it into place.

The Biggest Storage Pouch

If storage is a big concern for you, then this really is the best option for you across the entirety of this list!

The pouch itself is incredibly spacious, and covers much of the unit’s width, allowing you to store just about anything you can imagine, keeping the bed free of clutter, but ensuring that your stuff is close to hand and accessible.

The pouch is also totally removable if storage is less important to you, which helps to give you plenty of options.


  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Easy to adjust whenever you need.
  • Offers support to stop falling while sleeping.


  • Less easy to grip onto.

Also available at

OasisSpace Bed Rail

If cost is a little more of a concern for you, then we strongly recommend using this bed rail that is perfect for seniors.

Suction Cup Legs

Unlike some of the other units we have looked at so far on this list, this unit instead features small suction cups at the end of each leg, which help to allow it to even more effectively stay in position throughout the night, and while in heavy use.

It’s incredible just how well the suction cups manage to hold their position while not also being too strong so as to damage your flooring.

Great Handle

If you want to make sure that you can quickly and easily move in and out of the bed at a whim, then this is a great unit to try out, because the handle is incredibly sturdy and durable, meaning that you can really apply some force without running the risk of damaging it.

You also won’t hurt your hands gripping it, as the handle is fully padded, which gives it a soft grip that won’t slip.

Perfect For Beds Of All Sizes

The horizontal arm that helps to hold the unit in place is adjustable, which means that you can easily make it longer or shorter, as you need, in order to make it fit our bed. Its already considerable length also makes it easy to apply weight to the bar, which in turn ensures that the unit will be better at staying in place.

Easy Assemblage

Not only is the unit easy to move into the perfect position for you, but it is also easy to assemble in the first place.

Though the unit will arrive disassembled, it is easy to put together, and actually requires no additional tools to put it all together!


  • One of the simplest options on this list, but still easily one of the best on the market.
  • The suction cup feet help to keep the unit firmly in place. It’s not going to move an inch.
  • Easy to put together, and easy to put into position.


  • Can hold less weight than some of the other options on this list

Also available at

To Wrap Up

Those are just a few of the best options on the market, but they are easily the best of the best if you are looking for ease of use and the best possible security and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bed Rails Prevent Falls?

Yes. Bed rails can help to keep you from falling out of bed as you sleep!

What Are The Risks Of Bed Rails?

One of the biggest risks of a bed rail is your hand or arm becoming trapped in the mechanism of the rail as you sleep, which could lead to injury.

Is It Common For The Elderly To Fall Out Of Bed?

It is surprisingly common for older people to fall out of bed as they sleep!

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