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Gothic Armoire Murphy Beds

Gothic7ft_Open_(Mddl)_700pHow to fit this tall design into a 7-foot ceiling

This series of photographs shows how we can adapt your selection of design theme to any circumstance. This penthouse in the theatre district of downtown Denver had a limited-height converted SunRoom.We designed the entire arched bridge façade to be lowered with the SICO Room Maker metal frame. Then we hid the lights inside the rear of the back walled panel with the featured “drop down deck” nightstand.


Gothic7ft_FrontFace_(top)_390pThe handles selected by the owners are modern in statement. The finish is a Burgundy penetrating oil stain with two application of satin lacquer final coats on Cherry solids and select veneers.

The lowered Mattress is 14” thick. It is a combination of pocketed coils and gel memory form layers wrapped in organic cotton.

A signature Gothic Murphy Bed from FlyingBeds that combines all our Murphy Bed qualifications. Comfortable Bed. Deceptive Design. Functional change of room’s purpose. Heirloom quality.

Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed In A Warehouse Loft

Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed design
Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed installation
GOTHIC_Xrcise_Headboard_390pQueen SICO Eurobed in Alder with Expresso Finish

Our popular Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed design with pedestal feet stands 9 feet tall. The lowered FlyingBed has a 14” thick mattress. The interior walls reveal hidden nightstands and a HERA L.E.D. light system. The automatic sloped headboard will capture bedding and pillows when bed is stored away.Click_To_Design

Guys and Girls Armoire at Granite Bay, California

Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed with Twin Beds

Corinthian-Accented Crown

Pat called from San Francisco and asked if we would manufacture two twin Armoire beds for her niece and nephew, when they visited her resort home in Granite Bay. The limitation was this SICO twin Euro Bed had to fit in 44 inches width. Allow me to assure you this was a design nightmare. The opening for our twin bed cavity is 41 inches. Pictured here are the results we created to give the illusion of grandeur.

During the design stage, I suggested to Pat that I was going to have to stack the crown. When she asked what that meant, I suggested I wasn’t quite sure yet. The resulting configuration is a statement you won’t find in any architectural technique book.

Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed


The Allure of Alder - Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed Goes to Flagstaff, AZ

Gothic Armoire Murphy BedThe wood we selected here for this client is Alder. The best characteristic of Alder is its ability to accept any stain finish. Our chemist James can make this wood look like Maple or Walnut, but with a better signature. It is a fine-grained wood similar to cherry and birch. Because there is virtually no discernible difference between heartwood and sapwood it has a pleasing uniform appearance.


This system made of Alder Wood went to Flagstaff, Arizona. This photograph was taken in the factory before all the appointments have been added to make the complete design theme pop. I have been promised pictures from the installation site that will show the accent hardware, glass doors and lighted modules. And, best of all, I’ll show you a really comfortable bed that was hidden until we required for the lucky guest.

The photo below shows not only the quality of wood we select, and the manufacture of the world’s best Murphy beds, but also the detail our employees put into the final product, a unique Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed.

Gothic Armoire Murphy Bed

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