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Murphy Bed FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

What Mattress Can I Use?

Any mattress you want. You can buy any weight, any size, any thickness. Just let us know the measurements so we can build your system to allow easy storage. Our mechanisms can be tuned to lift and lower your bedding. We combine it with the weight of the bedface and formulize the perfect powerpac to make the system float in it’s cycle.

We do suggest you ask the mattress manufacturer if their warranty is good on their production standards when the bed is going to be stored vertically. It is my experience the guys who cheat on material or construction will start doing a backstroke when asked this.

We offer to include a good quality “Wesson” model mattress from a local company named Old West Mattress Company. Our resort condo-owners like to use this service because they don’t have time to go shopping for a bed.


Do FlyingBeds attach to wall or floor?

Both SICO mechanism systems used can attach to the floor or wall. Wall is preferred with the Eurobed; Floor is preferred with the Room Maker. In the case of wall being metal studs, we strongly suggest both. We send along with the shipment an assortment of popular attachment bolts for the most common walls. Our installation books stress proper correct methods. We are available on the phone or email to assist.


Can bed be closed with bedding & pillows in place?

Yes. The recess cavity the mattress is stored into will need an extra 3” of depth allowance. This is a standard feature for our hotel installations. You can’t expect the guest to go looking in the closet for their pillow!


What keeps the bed in the closed position? Is it safe?

Both the SICO Eurobed and Room Maker systems have been engineered to have the lift pacs go into a “relaxed state” as the bed nears the upright position. As the mattress enters the storage compartment, the weight of bedding, headboard and foundation pass over the pivot point of bed cycle. The weight change actually ‘pulls’ the bed into the closed position. There is no possibility of the Flying Bed system falling out of the closed position without assistance from outside the stored bed.


Where did the name FlyingBeds come from?

It took me awhile to be convinced the Internet was for real. By 1994 all the clever names for Murphy Beds had been registered by geeks and freaks. I had thrown up a website that was ‘just for grins’ and had a purple background. I expected nothing, and for two years was rewarded with that result. But, then two clients found me from Houston and NYC. At the time I was doing a display booth in Denver for a three week show. During a lull in traffic on a Tuesday morning, I asked Bob next door about what I should name a website that showed my manufacture. What did he think of the name “Falling Beds”. His short answer was, “That won’t fly…”


Why are your mechanisms so expensive?

The lift mechanisms I have selected to use in making a bed disappear are from the world’s best manufacturer in this industry, SICO, headquartered in Minneapolis. Allow me this insight: Assume I am Boeing Aircraft Company. While I make the Airplane to my clients specification, I purchase my engines from Pratt Whitney, GE or Rolls Royce. I really don’t need to manufacture the parts another company specializes in. Now, I’ve had many chances to build my own ‘right angle steel and screen door spring’ Murphy Bed. And it was tempting to simplify to Wall Bed standards and steal the gas piston from a Hatch Back Car. But, neither of those techniques for lifting a bed off the ground would make the planes I wanted to fly. So, allow my answer to be: Because that manufacturer of Murphy Wall Bed mechanisms is the acknowledged ‘Best Available’. I have associated myself with the elite of this industry. I’m not putting a ‘go-cart’ engine in my FlyingBeds.


Okay… How can I tell which lift mechanism/frame is best for me?

Most important, don’t get sucked into those sites that are going to send you the lift mechanism and plans to build the ‘bedframe’ and surround cabinet. It is my experience no wooden framed Murphy Bed is going to have a long life of use. There is too much stress on the leverage points and the normal racking of a box 6.5 feet x 7 feet.

Skip over the guys that tell you what mattress has to be used. Ye Gawd, the purpose of a Murphy Bed is to hide a really comfortable sleep system. AND is there some kind of foundation? A box spring or slat foundation to assist the mattress when little Johnny makes the bed his personal trampoline.

Ask if your 94 y.o. Granny could operate the bed alone.

Here is a way to weed out the 90% of the ‘wanna-be’ crowd. Ask if they put their name on the bed, and is there a serial number suggesting when the bed was manufactured.

Ask for an architectural rendering of the component and frame. It will be fun to listen to the excuses for not sending that. One manufacturer says on his website “It is really too bad our great furniture hides the super lift mechanism we use in our Murphy Bed. We wish we could show you”.

And finally, you can ask about the warranty, but I remind you it means nothing if the company has sailed into the sunset. In the 33 years I have been representing the SICO company, I have seen over 56 ‘manufacturers’ of Murphy beds come and go. It is an easy industry to enter and work from a garage. All of them had over 20 year warranty/guarantees. And a few comically said ‘Lifetime’.


How can I compare all the different Murphy Bed companies?

Ask what the weight lift capacity is of their mechanism. The higher the better.

Ask if you can use any mattress. If it has to be theirs, or a foam mattress… forget it!

Ask if your Grandmother could operate the bed without instructions.

Ask for an architectural specification sheet on component and dimension requirements.

Be ready to be shocked how many don’t have a professional outline of either! And here is a real clincher…

Ask if each of their mechanisms has a serial number, and if the company that put that number on the frame is who holds the product liability insurance.


How do you ship your furniture?

We use Common Carriers to deliver the system to a local terminal near you. Then it can be delivered to your home by a local cartage company. Our cartons are made of ¾” plywood screwed and steel banded with pallet runners. These cartons are heavy, but they arrive without damage to the component furniture inside. The furniture inside is fully assembled. We do not manufacture KD/RTA furniture. In most cases, the entire shipment is only 4 to 6 pieces that has already been assembled and tested at the factory before leaving.


What is your return policy?

We are a custom house in all facets of our operation. For that reason, we have a “no return” policy. Once your approval is given on finish and renderings we start work on making your FlyingBed perfect. On orders from Europe this policy is even more strict. I regret the harshness of this answer but it is only good business policy.


How hard is your system to install?

It will take longer to unpackage and place the system in the room, than it will take to assemble the system. The most difficult part of installation is making sure you have securely attached the furniture surround to the floor or wall. A good handyman can assemble normal systems with the pictured outline we send with the FlyingBed.


Do you have electric motor driven Murphy Beds?

The last time we sold a motorized murphy bed was nearly 10 years ago. We no longer offer an electric motor for our Flying Beds. Our beds are too easy to lift and lower with one hand.


How many design models do you offer?

Our factory is set up to run only custom manufacture. While we have models that are frequent in design theme and material selected, we treat each order as a personal preference of your room’s personality in purpose. We will ask you to approve a material and finish sample before we start production of your Flying Bed. Because we are using the world’s best Wall Bed mechanisms, it only makes sense that we build only high quality furniture to hide that functional change.


Do you deliver and install your Murphy Beds?

We offer installation on all our systems. 73% of our systems are sent out of Colorado.

Most of those systems elect to have a local handyman reassemble the Flying Bed. The cost of our crew flying in and spending two nights in your city can become prohibitive in cost justification. Instructions for a local handyman are complete with 8 x 10” color photographs of the system fully assembled in our factory. Reassembly is merely reversing the order of photographs we took as we disassembled the system for shipping to you. All hardware is included.


Do you have stores or dealers outside of Denver?

Nope. There is only one Flying Beds operation in the world. You can find many Murphy Bed operations, mostly in the Sun Belt. Most are strictly residential in their focus. Little design capacity, limited operational standards and most are limited to laminate and veneer production systems.


Do you have a catalog?

Not any more. We aren’t limited to what we think would be best for your room. You know which design theme and functional change purpose will be best for your room. Select features from the website models and combine those points to make a FlyingBed change your room’s purpose. We don’t have limits that you just point to and say ‘ship that one’…. Sorry, we hate making the same thing ‘over and over and over….’


Delivery Service

Delivery and Freight is by ABF freight lines. This is a popular common carrier. After your shipment is shipped, you will receive a PRO number by email. This will allow you to track the progress of your shipment to you. ABF will call you before they attempt delivery to your driveway. This is called ‘Curbside Service’. If you desire delivery and unpacking inside, we can quote you additional costs associated with this custom service. We will need to know physical layout (stairs, elevators, etc) for an accurate cost assignment for this service. If you miss the arrival of your FlyingBed, a second delivery will be arranged, but you will have to pay ABF an additional delivery charge for the return trip.

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