FlyingBeds are modern Murphy Beds. First there were Murphy Beds - In the 70's it was called a Wall Bed - Today, we introduce you to FlyingBeds! In the 23 years the Pilot has been in business, these are the most frequently asked questions! Contact Ron at
Forklift & Plywood Container
New Nationwide Shipping is Green with ABF ReloCube Standard packaging is 3/4" Birch Plywood
on pallet base with metal banding

We can save 12 sheets of plywood by using ABFs ReloCube system. This 5x7x8' tall cube can be left in your driveway or... for San Francisco and New York City you can unload the cube curbside in less than a "New York Minute" .

We still offer the 3/4 Birch Plywood crates for remote locations like Singapore and Saudi Arabia (yes, we are shipping there).

Inside each ReloCube your individual pieces are still foam and shrink wrapped. Turnkey service to the room can be quoted per job.

Cost of this new green program is almost the same as our standard production because of the plywood cost savings realized.


Gary and Keith load the Timbers model going to Solano Beach, California.



Gary checks final tension on straps for California shipment.
Keith had already checked shipment going to North Carolina.

ABF's ReloCube Advantages

  • Enhanced security for high-value freight
  • Storage in transit or at destination
  • Eliminate labeling of multiple cartons
  • Single bill of lading for entire contents
  • Avoid crating and packaging costs
  • Lock or seal container for ultimate confidence
  • Ground-level placement and loading access

CratedIn 1993 we became serious about shipping FlyingBeds across the nation. It didn't take us long that money spent on packaging was an investment in damage free arrivals. This is especially true in our line of business of making custom furniture. Matching finishes and wood grain after the system has left the factory is a difficult accomplishment.



Our first major change was to have professional moving companies deliver your FlyingBed. This was extremely expensive, with no guarantee of damage free arrival. It only took two years to convince us 3/4" Birch Plywood was the answer.



Ready to go.


This process will remain important to remote locations in the USA and our overseas shipments.






Freight quotes emailed to you with your
description of FlyingBed system and
your ship to zip code. Email

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