Make Your Home Better than Ever with a Fold Out Murphy Bed


Making your home more stylish and efficient is easier and more fun than ever. With Flying Beds, your home exemplifies who you are, making your best areas better. When you use simple changes, such as making the most of paint or using a fold out murphy bed, you make your home feel as though it came straight out of a magazine.


Don’t Dedicate a Whole Room to a Guests Room with a Fold Out Murphy Bed


Don’t make the mistake of dedicating an entire room as a guest room. That’s a lot of space you could be using for a myriad of things. Instead, use a fold out murphy bed. With a fold out murphy bed, you’re able to open up space for other uses. Even more, a fold out murphy bed is a modern way to stow your bed away.


Beautify Your Home with a Fold Out Murphy Bed


When practicing interior design in your home, don’t make the mistake of not considering light. The right light can make colors in your home pop, while the wrong kind of light can make colors dull. Be sure to paint samples of paint colors on walls or tape swatches to the wall. If the paint is wrong, you can return it to the store.


Use a Fold Out Murphy Bed


Don’t mix too many colors if you’re not sure of the balances. While there’s no official number of how many colors you can use in a single room, you want to be conscious of how you’re using color. When you include too much color, the room feels chaotic instead of peaceful. You should choose one or two primary colors, a handful of secondary colors and accent colors. It’s also significant to consider how and where the colors are used.


Explore How a Fold Out Murphy Bed Will Open Up Your Space


Avoid being too matchy-matchy with the color palette. That creates a sense of being over-designed and can make the room look too plain, predictable and repetitive. You want your home to have character, soul and intrigue.


You want your home to be cohesive. Especially if there’s more than one person in the home and you’re combining your lives, you want everything to look like it goes together. While this is the opposite of having your home be too matchy-matchy, it’s still an issue.


Playing it too safe is a big mistake as well. Use your personality to make the home a reflection of yourself. Paint the walls an intriguing color, add pops of color, add intrigue. Take risks, and avoid the usual. Push your limits and think creatively.


Use the right finishes. Finishes can be shiny, matte, metallic and more. Always test a sample. Finishes come in flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Consider the texture of the walls such that the flatter the finish, the less paint will show imperfections.


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