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Assembly and Installation of Eurobed system built by Flying Beds
Let’s Put This System Together!

Everybody asks us, “How hard is it to install a FlyingBed?” It isn’t! Each Eurobed System Assembly is shipped to Glenn Ellen, California. Before any system leaves the factory, we stand it up and functionally test its operation.

Here’s a photo album of the assembly process in the factory with Mike and Gary.


1) Gary and Mike bring pier cabinets into position. Our cabinets are single piece systems already fully assembled. All you do is stand them up.


2) Gary attaches pier cabinet to baseplate of SICO Eurobed. This entire procedure is fully outlined in the SICO booklet accompanying your bed.

As a sidebar, notice the bracket towards the leading edge that looks like a saddle. This is what the SICO Eurobed pivots in. We have already placed this in its correct location and tested for correct operation.


3) Mike and Gary attach the spanner board between the two cabinets.

The purpose of this board is to allow the sloped headboard to operate without rubbing the wall. This spanner board could be increased in size to become a decorative back panel that covers the entire interior wall. Just another custom option from FlyingBeds!


4) Mike and Gary lift bridge onto Pier cabinets.

Notice the lights are pre-wired and ready to be plugged into a normal outlet.


5) Gary attaches bridge to pier cabinets by screwing down vertically into cabinets/

If there is inadequate clearance for this operation, we have other options available.


6) And . . . did you see that black bar in the rear of the bridge, shown in step 4? That is our exclusive SICO wall mount bracket. This makes it very easy to bolt your FlyingBed to the studs in the wall.

Do not seat the mattress frame into the saddles until after you have mounted the rest of the bed to the wall studs.


7) Gary adjusts tension on SICO EuroBed for “two finger operation”.

Pay attention here. You won’t find this procedure anywhere else! You have to squeeze between the frame and mattress to adjust the 3/4” nut on the lift mechanism. This is not as hard as it looks, and will save you time compared to the suggested SICO factory procedure.


8) Mike attaches buck board. I wish I could say this buck board is patented, but I can’t; It’s too simple.

The purpose of this buck board is to keep the mattress in position when the bed is lifted to the closed storage position.


9) Here we attach the sloped headboard we are famous for to the buck board’s top edge.

This is nothing but a piano hinge that allows the headboard to ride up and down on that spanner board we installed earlier. Cool!


10) Voilà! Call the guest, tell them their bed’s ready!

If you run into a problem, call us. If you decide to pay a handyman to install this bed, have him call us when he’s in the room with the perceived problem!

Eurobed System Assembly

Don’t try this at home!

Trained professionals like Gary can’t even install two beds at one time!

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