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Rest Easy on Durable Murphy Beds From Flying Beds

durable murphy beds

If you’re trying to optimize a space, no matter how big or small, you may feel as though you have a daunting task ahead of you. At Flying Beds, we provide more than just durable murphy beds—we offer solutions to make your home a more efficiently utilized space.

Optimize the Space in Your Home With Durable Murphy Beds

Add a loft to a space. While some may believe that a loft is simply used for a bed, you can create a loft space for a lot of other things. You can use the top of the lofted space for an office. Lay down a fluffy carpet and ease into a cushion with back support. Use a cube or two as a desk that you can also stow away goods in. You can also use this lofted area for reading or meditation. And while you can probably sleep in the lofted area, you’ll likely find that that space is very confining. In the space beneath the lofted area you can have durable murphy beds installed. We all like convertibles, and this is the Lamborghini of beds. With durable murphy beds, such as one fixated beneath a loft, you can have a bed stowed away behind a desk, dining table or TV. Imagine how cozy it would be to have a small living area beneath a lofted platform to watch your favorite TV show, to lounge, and to rest on durable murphy beds. Durable murphy beds are lightweight, compact and constructed to fit a space made entirely to your specifications. These durable murphy beds withstand 20 years of continuous use, and have a padded buckboard, micro-adjustable calibrated spring mechanisms, aluminum bed frame, folding leg support and European slat system. This way, you can rest assured that when you have a durable murphy beds, you have a piece that can be used not just for the entirety of your lifetime, but can be passed down for generations to come.

When separating areas of the home in an effort to gain space or to create the illusion of having of more space, you want to be creative. Of course, you’re familiar with the popular folding paneled room divider. But why not install a floor to ceiling glass wall? The wall can be paned to add more intrigue. Or you could install industrial or decorative bars with cube shelves interspersed. Hang a long semi-transparent curtain fixed on a rod spanning the room.

When optimizing your space, consider including storage wherever possible. You can add hooks to the inside and outside of doors and can even hang a clothes hamper from a hook on the inside of a closet. A bookshelf can be used as a shoe rack, and jewelry can be hung in a flat, clear organizer that is kept in the closet.

Rest on only the most durable murphy beds. Visit or email [email protected]

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