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Superior Quality Custom Murphy Beds

FlyingBeds is the world’s most unique manufacturer of custom murphy beds. We have a long history of providing the highest quality murphy beds and the best customer service possible. Our wall beds concept offers enhanced lift capacity and an increased sense of safety, so you can be sure that a murphy bed is a smart investment for years to come. FlyingBeds has over 35 years of experience specializing in making rooms more valuable and functional with murphy beds.

Handcrafted since 1981, our murphy beds are top quality and built to last. You can choose a mattress of any size and any depth and our team of murphy bed experts will make it disappear into a wall, entertainment center, armoire, mirror, or sofa. Interested parties can order a murphy bed at their earliest convenience; simply contact our team of friendly and professional custom murphy bed manufacturers. Our custom wood furniture designs and functional room transformations are great investments in your home, hotel, office and more. With a murphy bed from FlyingBeds, you will experience a new fusion of American innovation and Colorado craftsmanship.

Premier Selection of Murphy Beds

We offer a wide range of Queen murphy beds, King murphy beds and more wall beds to ensure that you find the right custom murphy bed for your beautiful home. Our custom murphy beds are manufactured at our factory and showroom in Colorado and our wall beds can be shipped anywhere in the world. At our leading murphy bed company, we can design a custom murphy bed to your exact needs and specifications. If you want to order a murphy bed, our team will consider: dimensions, wood, color, finish, shelves, drawer, lights and budget in order to ensure that you have the murphy bed of your dreams. At FlyingBeds, we are dedicated to being the best provider of wall beds and custom murphy beds in the world.