Let a Murphy Bed Optimize Space in Your Home

There are a lot of ways to make your home more beautiful and comfortable than ever. With Flying Beds, you’ll be able to optimize the use of your most cherished spaces, allowing you to beautify your home, especially if you use a compact bed. Making the most of your space, optimizing what you have is important than ever. It’s about stretching your dollars and your boundaries. When you share your space with your family, optimizing space is more important than ever.

A Compact Bed Allows Your Family to Have the Most Space

If you want to create more space in a room, get rid of the curtains. They take up so much more space than you may realize. With a small bedroom such as a kid’s room, you create the illusion of there being more space than there actually is. More natural light is introduced into the room as well. Instead, you can easily add frosting to the windows, and even decorative frosting.

Optimize Your Space with a Compact Bed

Use a compact bed. With a compact bed you’re able to open up space for other uses. Even more, a compact bed is a modern way to stow your bed away. A murphy bed can have a decorative facade, featuring a piece of art or fixture. The facade can be simple, with just two handles. Even better, your murphy bed can turn into a desk, a shelf, a couch—the limit is only your creativity. If you use a compact bed or murphy bed, a room can be modular. You don’t have to dedicate a room as a bedroom—a room can be an office, a gym or a design room. You can create a playroom for the kids, or have multiple beds in a single room that can later be used for storage. No matter what your needs are, Flying Beds can create murphy beds to your expectations. Ditch the old, tired bunk beds and have a modern kid’s bedroom.

A Compact Bed Will Allow You to Have the Luxurious Home You’ve Always Dreamt of

Floating furniture helps reduce the amount of space taken up by these huge pieces. A floating desk can be attached to a wall and not have any legs. With floating furniture, you create added floor space. For example, you can turn your nightstand into a floating piece of furniture and store any number of goods below it.

See what items can be hung in a space. For example, you can hang lamps and increase space in other areas, such as atop a nightstand or no the floor. Through hanging a lamp from the ceiling, you’re able to create more light in the room. You can even hang clothes from the ceiling as a makeshift hanging closet.

See how a compact bed and a murphy bed will make the most of your space for back to school. Visit https://www.flyingbeds.com or email pilot@flyingbeds.com.

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