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Exotic Wood Murphy Bed: Lodgepole Pine from Boulder, CO


ColoLPole_TopDetail_390pExotic Wood Murphy Beds are a unique way to add character and functionality to primary residence or vacation home. This Lodgepole Pine FlyingBed now lives in Laurel’s new vacation condo in Taos, New Mexico. The unit features a Queen-size SICO Eurobed with an Spring Air mattress, a sloped headboard and hidden interior nightstand with electric outlets.

Some of the logs were peeled, others we left the bark on. Then we applied heavy coats of #40 sheen catalytic lacquer to permanently protect her FlyingBed.

There are 5 halogen lights in the bridge which are Dimmer controlled.

This system measures 77″ wide 21″ deep, 90″ tall.


We enjoy showing off the factory
during the manufacture of your system.

The guys are use to visitors observing how we make it happen!

There is a lot of “hands on” in every part of our production. For that reason, a lot of artistic release is put in each design by the people making the FlyingBed.

You will find their signatures hidden on panel backsides. We are constantly told the “energy” in the factory is good. That’s because it’s filled with people that love the work that they are doing! Nice.

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