Flying Beds Will Custom Create Your Bookcase Murphy Wall Bed

There are a lot of ways to make your home more beautiful and comfortable than ever. With Flying Beds, you’ll be able to optimize the use of your most cherished spaces, allowing you to beautify your home.

A Bookcase Murphy Wall Bed is Your Key to a Better Home

Bright all white is a major trend, especially in kitchens. Through the gleaming shine of white, a space can look big, open and inviting. Through bright, all white spaces, there’s a sense that an area is crisp, clean and refreshing. Whether it’s a bedroom or a bathroom, avoid clutter and cramped areas.

Similarly, pair crisp white walls with bright pops of color for furnishings and other pieces. This allows these pieces to stand out and draw focus.

Patterns are getting a hearty wave good-bye, to be replaced by tonal palettes and minimal pattern use. Pattern has been favored for years, but requires design savvy in order to be utilized optimally. With life becoming increasingly busy, embracing minimal pattern allows the eyes to rest, creating a relaxing and calming aesthetic. This trend can be extended to curtains and pillows while staying within the color family. For those decorating from scratch, consider using architectural elements and use varying shades of a single color.

See How a Bookcase Murphy Wall Bed Transforms Your Home

Add a bookcase murphy wall bed to your home. With a bookcase murphy wall bed, you can include the bookcase you always wanted in your home. Because your bookcase murphy wall bed is custom made, you can have it specially created to your parameters—no matter how eccentric your vision, we can create the bookcase murphy wall bed that’s perfect for you.

Optimize Your Home with a Bookcase Murphy Wall Bed

Quartz countertops are an excellent design trend for your kitchen. Instead of having laminate countertops that are very common and can be pretty boring, upgrade the quality of materials you’re using. Composite surfaces allow for more possibilities, especially concerning price range. With the inclusion of quartz countertops, your kitchen has a sense of opulence at a modest price.

Get the Most Out of Your Home with a Bookcase Murphy Wall Bed

Using tiles allows you to inject art, color and a sense of grandeur into a space. But mosaics and regular tile-work can be expensive and labor intensive to install. Thus, painted concrete tiles provide a more accessible way to incorporate modern style and a sense of history into a space.

Statement pieces are always a great inclusion for your home. This can include anything from sculptures to coffee tables. Guests love to see whimsical pieces, or pieces that say something about your personality. This can especially be expressed through items you’ve gathered through travel, for example. It’s about celebrating who you are and even starting conversation.

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