What Makes for the Best Wall Folding Bed?

The world’s most amazing murphy beds fulfil a few criteria that separate them from the rank and file. Don’t be misinformed- there are plenty of uninspired, mass-produced beds out there that will sit in your bedroom and work, sort of. Maybe the mechanism will become a little stiff after a while. Perhaps the electric motor will give out, leaving you with nothing more than a regular bed that’s heavier than normal- at least, until you shell out for that expensive repair. Then there are the manufacturers that insist on bundling the bed with their own mattress. They must be geniuses if they can look you up and down and know that you will be perfectly happy with the same mattress they sell all of their other customers! (They’re not, and you won’t.) If you just want a nice murphy bed, there are other websites. If you’re looking for wall bed systems you’ll be proud to show off to your guests, systems even your grandmother can use with a flick of her fingers, we are the company you need.


Versatility in Wall Beds

There are so many possibilities for adding utility to wall beds, once you expand past the basic design. One use that clients keep asking us for is a murphy bed workstation. We can certainly appreciate the convenience of being able to turn your workspace into a bedroom at a moment’s notice. We have fitted more than one home office with murphy bed units, and our clients have loved the combination of convenience and master carpentry we provide. Our folding bed desk combination units are space-savers, as well as being stylish workspaces. Besides the murphy bed office space, we have a variety of possibilities for budding interior designers with vision. Murphy bed options we have previously built include turning the face into a TV unit for mounting flatscreen televisions on, a full length mirror, a sofa, or even a full-size armoire. At Flying Beds, we pride ourselves on creating the most unique custom murphy beds, and are never happier than when we’re building something that has a novel element to it. Let us bring your bedroom fantasies to life!

Quality in Design

A foldable murphy bed is intended to make your life easier. If you have to grunt and groan to lift or lower your wall bed, you have to question the extent to which your life is being made easier. That’s why Flying Beds exclusively uses the SICO mechanism in its beds. Even a California King-sized memory foam mattress can be lifted with just two fingers thanks to the highly responsive SICO mechanism. In addition, all of our bed frames are handmade in our Denver workshop by our in-house staff. We order the materials required for each

 bed to the specifications given by our clients.


If you want the best wall folding bed in the business, Flying Beds is the company to choose. Learn more about how we can build your perfect custom bed by contacting us: https://flyingbeds.com/contact-us/.


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