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The Best Murphy Beds

Best Murphy Beds come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and finishes. FlyingBeds is a leading provider of murphy beds, otherwise known as folding beds or hidden beds. We offer premier materials and amazing customer service, which is why we are the premier source for murphy beds, aka folding wall bed systems. We are the world’s most unique manufacturer of custom furniture murphy beds.

As a chief authority on the best murphy beds, FlyingBeds has the experience, resources and a highly qualified team to make your vision come to life. Do you have a room that you would like to turn into a home office or craft space? Is the room cluttered with a guest bed or other space wasting material? The best murphy beds are a great option when it comes to saving space and transforming a room in your home. A murphy bed can be an amazing alternative to traditional beds, as they both save and create space.

Conventional beds tend to take up a vital amount of space, but the best murphy beds can be a creative option for your household. A fold down bed helps you make the most of your space. Whether you want your home office to transform into a comfortable place for guests, or your seldom used guest room to convert into a much-needed craft room, our team can help. Create a multi-purpose room with a murphy wall bed. A murphy wall bed is a chic, functional space saver. The best murphy beds can completely change your home for the better.

Leading Provider of the Best Murphy Beds

At FlyingBeds, we have the best murphy beds and the most experienced team to provide one-on-one consultation to help you choose the right piece. Our showroom and factory in Colorado offers complete transparency; we are proud to offer American made furniture. The best murphy beds are made with real wood and other high quality materials. You can be sure that when you make the wise decision to purchase a unique folding beds from us that your item will last the test of time and general wear and tear. With the best murphy beds, you will enjoy all the comfort of a traditional bed but with an enormous increase in space.

A well-made fold down bed can serve as either your main source for quality sleep and restful slumber, or it can function as a convenient place for guests to rest their heads. The best murphy beds offer one-hand lift capacity as well as a sense of guaranteed safety. FlyingBeds provides high quality, custom wood furniture designs that are functional and transform any room. We offer a new fusion of American innovation and Colorado craftsmanship. To learn more about FlyingBeds and the murphy beds, please visit our website or email


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