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Best Murphy Beds

Looking for the World’s Best Murphy Beds


When you are looking for quality wall beds, you should be sure to assess which wall bed manufacturers are the best. Not all wall beds are created equal! If you want a murphy bed with corner desk, for example, chances are you’re going to want a custom design in order to best fit your vision. That’s why you should trust Flying Beds, the wall bed company with over 35 years experience, to build your perfect wall bed.


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What Makes a Murphy Bed the Best?

With the length of time we’ve been in the business, we’ve seen a lot of murphy bed manufacturers come and go. There are a few recurring themes in what separates the men from the boys, at least as far as murphy beds are concerned:


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Murphy Bed Designs

At Flying Beds, we don’t have a catalog, and we’re proud of it. Our beds are individually designed, with each built for the client in question. As we don’t deal in ‘off-the-shelf’ models, we can achieve much higher rates of customer satisfaction. That’s why we are so confident that our murphy beds are the best in the business. But you don’t have to take our word for it– just ask our many satisfied customers.


For the best murphy beds around, Flying Beds is the company to choose. Learn more about how we can build your perfect custom bed by contacting us:

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