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Beetle Kill Pine Murphy Beds


Ron McKey in Denver, CO on Houzz

This queen SICO Eurobed Murphy bed system was installed in Silverthorne, Colorado. Just outside the window is the same forest that this Beetle Kill Pine came from. This room doubles as the computer room for this home.

A 12-inch thick mattress effortlessly lifts into storage concealing the interior hidden nightstand. The design theme of this Murphy bed is the popular “Timbers style Armoire” model.


Beetle Kill Home Office and Guest Room

Beetle Kill bed

Beetle Kill Pine has a New Coat

At this client’s request, we developed a new finishing technique for this gorgeous pine lumber using a special varnish that will keep the pine wood its original hue. This varnish will not amber or yellow with age. Ed was so thrilled with the look of the bed while it was still in the factory that he commissioned us to build a matching desk too.

Beetle kill bed down

Beetle Kill desk
Beetle kill book case
Beetle kill Open doors left unit

Colorful Beetle Kill Pine — One of Our Most Unique Woods

What is Beetle Kill Pine?

Pine forests all along the West Coast, through the Rocky Mountains, and up into Canada are suffering from an overpopulation of pine beetles. Pine beetles burrow under the bark to lay their eggs, and in doing so introduce a fungus that eventually kills the tree. The fungus leaves blue-gray streaks throughout the wood as it spreads, making for some truly beautiful and unique lumber. Certain species of pine trees will have pink streaks too. Millions of acres of forest have been affected, and all that standing dead timber is being harvested as fast as possible from around mountain towns to reduce the growing wildfire risk.

How it’s done: Bringing a dead forest back to “a life of its own”

A show-and-tell video on the right takes you through our process of picking through rough-hewn planks and on through the production facility steps: perfecting edges and surfaces, creating workable panels, final sanding and then to the spray booth to create a truly unique look worthy of FlyingBeds.


Custom “Timbers” Murphy Bed from Ponderosa Pine

This is Mary and John’s customized Timbers Armoire. A number of unique features are shown. This murphy bed stores away a 14 1/2″ thick Euro-top mattress. The Euro-top mattress differs from a pillow top mattress in that the top layer is 3″ thick memory foam. Luxury to the max! A side note: As far as I know we are the only people that can lift this heavy and thick of a mattress. (Many customers have told me so.)

This Armoire is tricked out with all the options: sloped headboard, interior nightstand, full-back panel interior, light system on dimmer control with cut-off switch, elevated for pedestal leg accent design. The designer hardware shown on the face of the bed was selected from Lee Valley Co. in Canada. You may also have noticed the non-functional hinges on each side of the bed face. Good deception.


Beetle Kill Pine Murphy Bed with Table


Deaver Family’s Lake Cabin – Canadian Beetle Kill Pine Murphy Bed

This Queen size SICO Euro Bed in Nebraska is surrounded by Beetle Kill Pine from Canada. You will notice that it’s a little more refined than the Ponderosa from Colorado. The arched table design also adds a touch of class and serves to make the room truly dual purpose.

Think a Murphy bed with a table would be great for your craft room or sewing room? Check out some of our favorite Table Murphy beds.

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