Wyoming Snow fence Becomes a FlyingBed

Reclaimed wood from Wyoming Snow fence !

Reclaimed wood becomes king size barndoor

This is a story of a Wyoming snow fence going to New York City.

Kevin and Jennifer called and asked if we could make a Barn door FlyingBed. I suggested they visit www.CentennialWoods.com and tell me what they think of Tommy's reclaimed lumber. They called the next day asking for samples to be sent, and selected what is called a 20% skipped finish on the individual boards. Their next request was to find an eco-friendly finish. I sent them to www.Skidmores.com - I had heard good things about this Beeswax finish. We sent down samples, they selected proof and this web page will demonstrate that unique application.

snowfence enters factory

April 28th, 2010. We are 60% complete on production on these two king beds. We will finish this story in May.

Assembled Wyoming Snowfence King FlyingBed
Mirrored Snowfence King FlyingBeds

CW Warehouse

Wyoming, Elk Mountain Snowfence along I-80

16 foot long snowfence boards arrive at Flyingbeds factory

Pulling Nails before sending to planner

Snowfence tamed

Test application of the Skidmore Bee's Wax

Both these king beds went to an apartment in New York City! The original design of the swinging barn door was so appreciated, a second king bed was awarded us that asked for a mirrored bedface. Instead of doing our normal crystal clear mirror, we applied a gray tinted 1/4" thick mirror.
Talk about knock your socks off!
Mike is testing weight control

SICO Roommaker can lift more weight than any other Murphy Bed manufacturer - I know of! The trick to balancing the SICO Roommaker to float and hold positions is to have the weight of mattress and bedface already on bed. This was not possible for the NYC order because the latex mattress manufactured in California didn't stop in Denver on it's way to New York. So I called the California manufacture and asked, "How much did that king mattress weigh?" A really heavy 156 pounds! That's a two man lift of the mattress only. What we are showing in this picture is lead weights clamped to the custom made foundation that equaled 156 pounds. Mike is pleased that the bed is holding all positions and floating to the floor with minimal effort. Lifting the bed was a two finger operation. I challenge any other manufacturer to match this controlled lift and lowering. We have three pages devoted to the explanation of how the SICO Roommaker works.

Wyoming Snow Fence Rail

Closed Reclaimed Wyoming Snowfence Wood Murphy Bed
Murphy Bed open and down
Closeup of interior

A deceptive Barn Door theme of Wyoming Snow Fence.

Non-functional metal rail suggests this bedface panel can be opened. When handles are added to this installation in Aspen, deception will be complete. This queen SICO Eurobed system hides a 12 inch thick mattress. The LED light system from Hera coupled with the slopped headboard feature, welcomes reading in bed. System is 86" wide, 21" deep and 90" tall. When bed is lowered the foot is 94" from wall. Finish is natural semi-gloss lacquer. Please allow 7 weeks for manufacture of this limited lumber collection.


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