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Unique Woods we can make fly!

Roasted Red Oak





Roasted Red Oak Panel Roasted Red Oak Panel plus
Roasted Red Oak on Sofa  


Ripped Forest Green Murphy Bed

Ripped Bed Face

New Exclusive Ripped to the Wood Finishes

The secret to this finishing process is application. First you apply a stain, shoot it with lacquer, apply another stain, shoot it with lacquer, sand through to the wood, accenting the grain and finish with two more coats of lacquer. Simple!

Okay, so you thought lacquer was shinny. Not when you use number 20 sheen. Trust us, this is the best way for this process.

Sedona Red Flash Black is my favorite. You can't walk through the showroom without reaching out and touching this sample. You would it expect it to be warm to the touch.

Everybody has a favorite color, this Dark Forest System was shipped to Chicago. I think they just wanted the Heinken Beers.

The up charge for this exclusive, pattented process, is $750. And if you wish to get crazy, we will do a custom formulation per your instructions. A sample strike-off would cost you $50.

This process is available on the entire collection.

Ripped Colors



Roasted Oak Nav


Sinker Cypress from the bottom of a Louisiana river.


Ripped to the wood Ripped to the wood

When we heard that plain old Red Oak was available in a new 'Roasted' variation, we yawned.

Nancy and Eric from the lumber yard suggested a unique mill in Wisconsin was leaving this Red Oak in the kiln for 24 hours at 450°

A couple of weeks later visiting the lumber yard, I asked where this 'Roasted Red Oak' was stored. I was surprised when the stack arrived looking like Mahogany, and smelled like the liquid smoke you use in barbequing. I've been fooled before so thought I'd better make up a couple of panels to see the finished effect.

When the panel came back made up, it was obvious we had a winner! James our finishing guy said there was only one finish that could be put on here, No. 40 Sheen Clear Lacquer.

The lacquer when applied to this Roasted Oak does not lay down into the grain pattern like normal Red Oak. You can see from this photograph the grain pattern is actually accentuated. The red hues of Red Oak have turned to a golden sunset. This wood is beautiful! I'd be happy to send you a sample of this Roasted Red Oak via Priority Mail. Just send an Email to the Pilot requesting a Roasted Red Oak sample.

When I told Craig in the panel manufacturing part of our operation, a new wood was coming over, he asked, "What does it looked like?" I said, "Imagine Wenge on steroids!This is going to jump on you and take you to lunch!"

We haven't attempted any staining before applying the clear lacquer and suggest this would not be a great idea. If lacquer is not goiing to lay down on this surface, I suspect that staining is going to bleed back through any final coating.

This sample panel is elegant and refined and meant for anice living room or home office. It is the select grade available. For you people with a cabin at 9,000 feet a rustric grade, with open knotholes, might turn your fancy. Tell me when you order this sample which grade you prefer.

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