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Corinthian Accented Crown

Pat called from San Francisco and asked if we couldn't manufacture two twin Armoire beds for her niece and nephew, when they visited her resort home in Granite Bay. The limitation was this SICO twin Euro Bed had to fit in 44 inches width. Allow me to assure you this was a design nightmare. The opening for our twin bed cavity is 41 inches. Pictured here are the results we created to give the illusion of grandeur.

During the design stage, I suggested to Pat that I was going to have to stack the crown. When she asked what that meant, I suggested I wasn't quite sure yet. The resulting configuration is a statement you won't find in any architectural technique book.

We manufactured two of these beds for Pat's niece and nephew. And I will add pictures in one year to demonstrate their at home beautification plan. But before then, when we install these two beds in July we will add the accent hardware that will be a crowning touch to this deceptive theme. Until then allow this YouTube Video from the factory to expand on our enlightenment.

Cast Iron Handles from France

Guys & Girls Armoire at Granite Bay, California

Custom Murphy Bed Crown Detail on Bridge

Van Dyke glazing accents custom aged finish on this Custom Murphy Bed

Customized base cove  suggests true Armoire function.

Pat's nephew and neice prove the SICO Euro Bed is durable!
Nephew's Bed

This room that hides the price and the princes' bed

Bed Down

Neice's Bed


This Alder system went to Flagstaff, Arizona. This photograph was taken in the factory before all the appointments have been added to make the complete design theme pop. I have been promised pictures from the installation site that will show the accent hardware, glass doors and lighted modules.

And, best of all, I'll show you a really comfortable bed that was hidden until we required for the lucky guest.

The photo below shows not only the quality of wood we select and the manufacture of the world's best Murphy beds, but also the detail our employees put into the final product.

Closeup column.

The wood we selected here for this client is Alder. The best characteristic of Alder is its ability to accept any stain finish. Our chemist James can make this wood look like Maple or Walnut, but with a better signature.

Arizona Murphy Bed delivered to Flagstaff. Production Proof Assembly in factory shown here.

Gothic Armoire Goes to Austin with Custom Van Dyke Accent

Gothic Armoire Deception, Bed Closed Interior night stands accent comfortable interior on this selection Closed Pier Cabinet doors hide interior drawers.

Tom contacted us from Austin and asked that we manufacture for him a custom finish to match his antique desk in the same room. All we required was a temporary loan of a desk drawer face.

Gothic Armoire in Solid Cherry has Ebony stain with semi gloss lacquer finish.

Cherry Gothic Armoire with Ebony Finish 14" mattress being lowered by SICO EuroBed mechanism In lowered position bed extends only 94" into room.
This Gothic Armoire has special bun feet that compliment its Renaissance theme. The raised panels on the bed face are solid Cherry. The handles that will be placed on this bed are being sent from Hungry. The LED light system is from the Hera Company, Germany. This light system is cold to the touch. And standard with all our Gothic Armoires is the interior night stand feature and sloped headboard. The 15" thick gel mattress is from Old West Mattress Company of Denver. The SICO EuroBed wooden slat foundation supports this mattress. The size of this Queen Armoire is 78" wide x 108" tall x 24" deep and when the bed is lowered it extends 94" from the wall. PRICING

Gothic Armoire went to Culpepper, Virginia


Upper Pier Cabinet

In the Spring of 2010, we made our first Gothic Armoire with the bedface panel extending beyond the SICO EuroBed frame. While this did extend the lowered bed eight inches more into the room, the deceptive facade was greatly enhanced by not having the horizontal cut shown in earlier models..


This bridge actually nests the bedface when the bed is stored in the closed position. Great deception.

Complete System Panel Detail Bedface base

Raquel's Armoire System sits on 'Bun Feet'

Raquel's Armoire Murphy Bed sits on bun feet - Bed closed in this phot Raquel's Armoire, bed down Raquel's top is coming off, getting ready to go home after final check at the Flying Beds Factory

Don's Gothic Murphy Bed Armoire now lives in Austin, Texas

Pier cabinets

To date, all of our Gothic Armoires have the FlyingBeds light system, interior night stands and sloped headboard.

Custom Design FlyingBed


SICO Eurobed Mechanism


First thing that happens with the manufacture of any FlyingBed is the arrival of the SICO Mechanism and the lumber from the forest.

Next, Julio does his magic in designing the layout with a little assistance.


Next, James does final sanding inspection on Alder Bedface Panels before applying first application of wiping stain.


Murphy Bed Finish Samples


Two hours after bridge assembly.

The Arch on this bridge assembly was certainly a challenge but we loved it.

When we stood Donota up for the fist time, the lumber for the raised panel bed face arrived and headed to the shaper. Our next question to the client was, "What finish do you prefer of these samples or do you have something we can match?"

A close eye on the photograph to the right can find the hidden interior nightstand.

Custom designed Murphy Bed
Murphy Bed Partially Open
Accent hardware on Mruphy Bed
Interior lights in Murphy Bed

Donata ready to go to new home.

To your right, Donota is packaged/crated and ready for
ABF freight to take it to a driveway in Maryland.

The final stages of manufacture is the most stressful. We put everything together to insure we did it right. Here's proof!

Seen in the upper right are the interior light system that has both a dimmer control and override mercury switch. This guarantees that the bed cannot close with the lights on.

The accent hardware shown in your selection. Send it to us and we will install. Or, for the brave soul, allow us to choose your hardware.

So, you be the judge. In the photograph of Julio at the top of this page, you can find a photograph from a catalog from Germany. Did we follow the theme perfectly?


'Donata' crated and ready for ABF freight to take it to a driveway in Maryland!



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