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Welcome to the "Showroom". Larry Nelson of w3w3 Talk Radio interviewed Ron McKey, the "Pilot" at We will hear about the "flyingbed business", as you listen to the Pilot, Pat Nelson had some questions. Pat wants a smaller home that will be be able and ready to accomodate any of her five children and their growing families (she really loves the grandkids) when they stop in for a visit. She had concerns; quality, comfort and space. We couldn't get pictures of the bunk beds but Pat knows how much her grandson will love the top bunk..... A born shopper, Pat couldn't have been happier with what she found. We took a look at the factory and you can see they had to get started on Pat's order right away. Just can't wait - and if time is important check our Quick-Ship Program - models & prices

This is a show model that Ron takes out for 'home shows' and such.  The mattress really got Pat thinking. This looks like a good solid standard mattress. What a surprise, no lumpy folded, funky springs like the old hide-a-bed.
Office, exercise or sewing room, can become a fully furnished, exquisite and comfortable bedroom with the snap of the thumb.

Ron points out that the mechanism is so well designed that it handles the weight of the cabinet and the mattress with no effort.Opening a bed couldn't be easier - but now we have to make the bed? Surprise, you make them up, put them up and when those visitors come running in, you spend all your time with them. The bed is made and ready to serve. Lots of built in amenities too! We will try to point them out as we go. And there's more to see throughout the web site. Ron gives lots of choices.

Factory floor space is valuable  so Ron understands the customers needs.
We are talking about saving space - in the showroom, Ron really gets to pack them in.
As you can see, the smallest room can be multipurpose. You can be accommodating without sacrificing your everyday life.

The Pilot lowers the "Paduk" model for Pat's inspection.  Paduk is a dark African wood  - really beautiful!Now Pat likes the darker woods and if Grandpa Nelson comes to visit (the hunter), he'll love the geese too! The mattress is great - just as firm as you like / or not!
But, Pat does, so if you stay at her place, you'll get firm.

.These new mattresses may be flexible, they are also technically crafted to be comfortable and supportive. You won't need that chiropractor after a night on this mattress.
Mattresses: the Pilot's got the best and the latest. Here he is showing that "Memory" mattress - fits and supports your body.

The Pilot shows Pat how flexible the new mattress developed for the "crawling European bed" is.

Now you've seen the Bellitec from Europe, the bed that crawls up the wall (behind the furniture). Here's the mattress they use - high tech of course, memory, support and flexible.That's important for us older folks, but young growing bodies need good healthy support too!

You could serve dinner on that table - this is the factory. You can see how meticulous everyone is!

This is the cleanest showroom Pat's ever seen. We pulled a surpise visit on the Pilot (glad he didn't do that to me). Ron's crew is very professional and they are artisans!

Craftsman working on Pat's order

Natrually, Pat wanted to see the beginning of her first order.


We met the Pilot, the craftsmen and then we met Monte, he's taking care of all the paperwork. Monte will get the bed delivered to the right place and help Pat workout all the details so, of course, Pat was very happy to meet and check him out too!

It seems Ron the 'Pilot' has really considered every aspect of this process. He's got a top notch crew - all great people to work with. It seems their mantra is all about customer satisfaction. So, with nothing to stop her (everything measured up to her high standards) Pat gave the order to get started. Four grandchildren already and this is just the beginning!

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