First there were Murphy Beds. In the 70s it was called a Wall Bed. Today we introduce Modern Flying Beds! First there were Murphy Beds. In the 70s it was called a Wall Bed. Today we introduce Modern Flying Beds!  First there were Murphy Beds. In the 70s it ws called a Wall Bed. Today we introduce 'Modern Flying Beds' First there were Murphy Beds. In the 70s it was called a Wall Bed. Today we introduce Modern Flying Beds!


Puzzled Antique Mirrored Murphy Bed

Jamaican Inspiration

Wichita Mirrored King
Mirrored King Murphy Bed

Denver Art Museum
You are here at the Denver Art Museum Condo

Miami Beach

Electric King Murphy Bed

Las Vegas
King Vegas

Oak King in Aspen

King Vail


King Murphy At the Denver Art Museum

Art Center King Video 6 April from Ron McKey on Vimeo.

Mirrored King Murphy Bed from FlyingBeds at the Denver Art Museum

Bed coming down

Full profile
The whole system: Closet and drawers on left. Small desk on right.
King size bed in the middle. 128" width

The Denver Art Museum

This is view out the window. Want more information
on this new Art Museum in Denver?

King Murphy Bed at
Denver Art Museum Condos

Sometimes just a bunch of photos can tell the story just as well s me spelling out the obvious.

The answer to your first question: Yes, it is a real 1/4" thick clear float mirror.

The second answer: This SICO King mechanism does hold all positions in it's cycle up or down.

Enough... More details at end of page for those other thoughts.

Bed coming down

Bed down

Mirrored King Murphy Bed
When you have the space, but it isn't enough...
call the 'Innovative'

Art Bridge with Lighting

Pretty cool uplighting

We did some uplighting that looks pretty cool at night from inside, or outside looking in.

View from the window.

Stainless Steel Mirrored FlyingBed is surrounded by White Oak

Stainless Steel Mirrored FlyingBed Stainless Steel Mirrored FlyingBed opened Interior

Mirrored Stainless Steel FlyingBed

Interior cabinets are two drawers and hanging rod on each side of queen mirrored Murphy Bed.

Stainless Steel Open Interior

Puzzled Antique Mirror on Queen FlyingBed

This unique mirrored Murphy bed was installed in a pool house in Newport Beach. The individual pieces of mirror had each edge polished. A real delicate task on the sharper points!

The Verticals on surround encasement were ribbed and lent a sophisticated touch to the White Lacquer SICO Eurobed Queen system. A luxury 14" thick mattress was supported by our standard wood slat foundation. A comfortable murphy bed!

The interior fabric was selected by the designer that asked us to accent the tufting on wall and sloped headboard. A complex pattern made even more memorizing

With all the design customization put into this unique murphy bed, give us a couple of extra weeks to manufacture to our standards for Worlds Best Murphy Beds made in Denver, Colorado.



This Queen SICO

Room Maker was installed in a resort home near Steamboat Springs. The main purpose of the room was to be an Exercise Room. But, as most resort homes experience, you have lots of visitors during the Ski Season and needed an extra bed frequently.

And, if you have ever had the joy of visiting Colorado in the Summer, you will have a hard time deciding your favorite time of year. So…, ski season sure, but expect a knock on the door during the summer months.

Each Pier Cabinet is functionally a closet with two lower drawers. All operate with ‘push touch open/close’ latches. When the bed is lowered, the ‘drop-down-deck’ feature has a dual purpose. It conceals the view of the SICO Room Maker lift mechanisms bolted to the floor, and makes for a handy nightstand surface.

The lift strength of the electrically arc welded metal frame is increased to lift the extra weight of ¼” mirror by adding a third compression power pac. The frame is increased in rigidity by adding struts and a unique assist by framing the mirror in solid maple.


King Mirrored Murphy Bed

Alicia called from Wichita, asked me if we couldn't do the Denver Art Museum in her new exercise room. Everything was fine until she said it was downstairs in the basement. We couldn't get the single piece bedface mirrored panel into the room. So we designed the bottom of the king bed to be two mirrored panels.

Two weeks after Alicia awarded us this manufacture, she called and asked, had we ever done a tufted wall behind the bed? My response was, "Send me a picture." So here is the result
... and I -Like - It!

The outside panels of mirror are actually pier cabinets of drawers and hanging rods. Each door weighed 47 pounds!

We didn't have enough room to do our hidden nightstand feature so we incorporated our almost as famous drop deck.

If the RoomMaker from SICO has one design fault, it is that the bed when thrown all the way out of the cavity leaves a void that allows a person to look behind the headboard and see our rather impressive lift mechanisms. (Not really that beautiful.)

Wichita Mirrored King Murphy Bed, Bed Up

Many years ago while working at the Broadmoor Hotel, it was asked that we somehow delete this scenic observation point. While not very well shown here, the dropped deck is now in a nightstand function, behind the pillows.

Wichita Closet in Pier Cabinets

The RoomMaker was designed for a box spring and mattress, many years ago when their combined height was 15 inches. Today's mattresses exceed 16" and suggest the box springs is non functional. Shown here is that extreme mattress with a black lacquer foundation.

Here is my challenge. Give me any mattress, I'll make it disappear!


White Lacquer King Murphy Bed System Goes to Jamaica


When Hayslip Design of Dallas called and asked if we would like to manufacture a king Murphy bed for Jamaica, I said, 'You Betcha.'  Then they sent me the design!

It took some computer assisted programs for the custom grille design, but ultimately we succeeded in making a Signature FlyingBed.

We finished this system in a white lacquer finish with No. 40 sheen final coat.

The combination of the turquoise tufted interior back panel with the white lacquer definitely speaks Jamaica!

All these photographs (seen here as featured on the KING MurphyBed section) are from the final day in factory, and I apologize for not having a fully assembled unit. We were in a rush to meet a deadline.





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