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January 2013

Elevator Bed Description

We like to refer to the LiftBed mechanism from Germany as the 'Elevator Bed'. For purposes in this outline, this introduction is limited to the actual mechanical operation of this system. The 'furniture encasement', for concealing the mechanics is detailed in the design later.

The aluminum frame has a built-in lath floor for mattress support. As a safety feature, the bed will not operate if more than 20 pounds is added to it's empty weight. Another safety feature is the remote control that requires a dual switch operation to operate. One for power, one for direction of travel.

The actual mechanical frame and motor has a total weight of 900 pounds. It has been manufactured in Germany for over 10 years. This system requires a 220 volt, single phase electric source. While the warranty is for 2 years upon installation, replacement parts for each phase of operation are in a stocked for rapid shipment. Standards of operation is for the Hospitality Industry where maintenance free operation is of prime importance.

This mechanism will require substantial attachment to the wall and ceiling. In most cases the wall will require reinforcement for proper installation. Ceiling 'nest' is usually designed to be soffet/valance theme that usually acts as a lighting accent for both positions.

Design themes are unlimited in scope. We are happy to work with your professional person to assist in the functional furniture manufacture by our factory or your contractor. Of prime concern is that the room change functional purpose with deception and sleep comfort not being compromised.

Thank you for your interest.

All the best,

Ron McKey




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