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Consignment Murphy Bed Systems for Immediate Delivery

For a multitude of reasons each of the systems pictured and described on this page have been moved to our storage facility
and are priced at owner's suggested resale value. Each system is first quality and already reconditioned..


Expresso Cherry Twin Table Bed

FlyingBeds in Distress... looking for a new home!
See more of this "Espresso Cherry Twin Table Bed"

Expresso Cherry Twin Table Bed



Espresso Cherry Twin Table down




These just found new homes!

We made a mistake at the FACTORY! This system was made as Rift Grain White Oak. The customer wanted Cherry. The good new is double on this system..... It does not have a finish applied yet. Two, it is only $7,000 for a giant MISSION designed Queen bed with all kinds of storage. This system costs $11,723. to build and finish.

Total width is 174". Can't change that.... Height is 90" Bed system is SICO Eurobed Queen with all appointments.

We can customize with lights if you like. Client in Boulder, Colorado didn't need them because of room layout. Our rather famous tufted interior back panel could be added.

Just in case you don't have a handle on the wood market, Rift Grain White Oak is 37% more expensive than Cherry. And, White Oak is the wood preferred by the founders of Stickley Mission Furniture.

This will not be available very long. Just remember.... it is really wide!



This unit has been sold - No Longer Available



Damon's California King, Mirrored, Black Lacquer is bargain priced at $5,725. It is sitting on Wilshire Blvd., in Hollywood, California. Damon bought this bed in the fall of 2011 for his apartment convenient to his work. But now he has invested in a home in Los Angeles and does not have room for this large FlyingBed. SOLD


Barbara's Maple System

Crown Detail

The adjustable glass shelves are 3/8 thick with overhead lights on dimmer control.

Right hand closet module has built in full length mirror on interior door panel.

The SICO Eurobed package has the built-in wooden slat foundation that supports your selection of mattress. If a memory foam mattress is selected, we suggest adding a deck to this support made of 1/4 thick material. Simple adjustment. Call me for more information. Or email me at [email protected]

Linda bought a ranch home whose den and bedrooms are more traditionally sized than the giant loft she is leaving. We are building a completely new system for her new home.

The original cost of this manufacture in 2003 was $13,122. It is now available for $9,000. and has been reconditioned at our Denver factory.

These pictures were taken at our Denver Storage Locker, February 10, 2009. Please forgive the ambiance.



Barbara's Maple Murphy Bed System

Maple Murphy Bed We built this Maple Queen SICO Eurobed system for Linda in 2003. It was installed in the fashionable Loft District of Lower Downtown Denver named LODO. This system has 5 separate modules that have a total measurement of 155 w x 102 h x 22 d. When the Wall Bed is lowered, the foot of the bed is 95 from the wall. These pictures do not show the completed installation. There is a full maple wall inside the bed cavity. This is seen when the bed is in the down position. This maple wall is accent lighted by 5 lights inside the bed cavity that are dimmer and cut-off switch controlled.

Backside view 1

Bed Cavity

Backside 2

California King with Mirror...


Consignment/SOLD: SICO Double Bed White Lacquer

Pecan Queen Eurobed System/SOLD

Whitewash Maple EuroBed, Queen size

Timbers Alder Natural

Bed down














Tina's Timber Armoire

This select Alder system with a natural finish was complete and ready for shipment to Texas when Tina called and said, "All plans changed."

So we have a brand new, never used, perfect condition Timbers Queen sized Flying Bed ready to ship at your request.

This has slopped headboard and overhead light system. Total cost of this system, standing in Denver Showroom is $4,330.00




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